Let’s go to the Chop Shop and Watch World “News” Tonight!

I’ve posted some remarks of WNT on my Instagram in the form of cute dear-diary like quality.

One I posted “I feel bad for every ABC affiliate (or even an O&O) that is top rated to do the painful handoff of local news to World News Tonight at 6:30 or 5:30″ (or if you live in the Bay Area), Disney’s KGO-TV is currently running the East Coast feed at 3:30 PM Pacific Time perhaps to fill up programming that may discontinue that live show in a month or so.

Friday night was like watching “local news” in say Lubbock, Texas, if only I knew what that kinda journalism is. I think the quality is shown below.

If I offended you those Texans, my apologies in advance.

What this picture shows is an apparent full screen graphic of a weather map, and it’s whited out. Thankfully the iPhone saw what I saw too.  Too white for a graphics of this type. Whether it’s over exposed by a technical mishap or extra layers- it’s really a CBA situation. It shouldn’t never went to air, and if the West Coast feed got this as well, it would show the low standards of what a “network newscast” should be.

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