Dartmouth Hitchcock Refers Me to a Odd Organization?

2017 Update: Someone told me last year that this very same doctor now works with adults. No followups.

Last week, (this was the last straw to develop this blog actually) I contacted the Lebanon office of Dartmouth Hitchcock to try to get a consult with a MD which supposedly is experienced on ASD.

Well I was told she only deals with children.

Is this a bleeping joke?

One of the offices they told me to contact was the AANE, once known as the Asperger‘s Association of New England (why they dropped the apostphre-s is beyond me. It is now called the Autism Asperger‘s Network.) They are located in the most snottiest area of the state in Watertown, Massachusetts, the most far left out of touch democrats, and the most wealthiest areas of Central New England!

Is this what the low ranking intake clerk meant on the phone?

They aren’t a medical facility, they don’t have doctors, they are nothing but a far left organization (i.e. a special interest group) ran by a bunch of far, way out of left field lefties, out of common touch people who probably themselves have AS.

And guess what? They had a conference, and several hours worth of video of a “Disclosure conference” earlier this year at Bentlllleeeeyyy College in the central part of Middlesex County, MA.

If you have ever visited the common people/working class area of Essex County, you’ll know why I hate, HATE, over my dead body that part of the state.

Is this flipping joke?

Dare I say the cliche Only in Massachusetts? Only in the Commonwealth do they peeve resources on “disclosing” autistic disorders as a training material

*shaking my head *