Vlob: Recalling Applying for Retail at Apple Inc.

this 26 minute Vlob woke me up to how bad the social economic world became, and how I got really spooked out at how people get hired in American jobs. It was in October of 2013, that I learned the hard way; how the un/der employment numbers were likely skewed the way employers like Apple did. This also followed the time where I did adult ed, and also applied for another retail job earlier that year. It was meant to be, but after this traumatic experience, would leave me chronically unemployed till the COVID pandemic where I saw an opportunity with how retail is so desperate for jobs.

Vlob: Are You Watching the Olympics?

I’ve been pondering if I should watch the 2020 hangover year of the Summer Games in Tokyo. I also bring up if the International Olympic Committee needs to change their non profit business model; and if more changes are needed to make the Olympics relevant. The most leftie men piss on the Olympics (think of Dan Kennedy at WGBH and Bill Maher too.) I don’t think it should be a gender thing for myself.

On Christianity, part two

This is a Vlob. Not to get clicks; but the unholy way the so-called right-wingers are acting so Christian like (sarcasm implied)… am I now in a position to find God and Jesus while the real world is an entire mess. And again are people that more philosophical in 2021 more spiritual than the ones who claim to be follower of God?

The theological experts do claim that Jesus Christ was a liberal.

Elastix PBX Rundown


I posted this as Vlog/Vlob post recently about this abandoned open source phone system. Elastix was a foreign made fork from Asterisk, that was a cheaper and free equivalent of Microsoft’s Office Communications Server and it’s Exchange server, but unlike MS’ OCS, at least there is a few more telephony features.

While Elastix had Exchange-like features for groupware, it’s PBX functionality is nowhere near an Aura or Cisco UCM. Elastix was unable to survive and was sold to 3CX. 3CX has and probably will still be a joke. What the 3CX people did, was took the brand, and took the 3CX code originally for Windows (because their selling point was it was more user friendly to administer than Asterisk) and ported it to a Linux distro to give the appearance they weren’t missing out.

Not too long after the original Elastix code went end of life, another organization took it’s code and made a fork of it and it’s called Issabel. Similar idea, cheaper Exchange functionality, but more reliable in it’s telephony service.

In this video, I had many of my Mitels I got from Jason via The Museum. Except for the 5207, all the others were capable of SIP. While the proprietary MiNet is preferred, I had decided, well instead of buying newer phones and collecting dust, to just repurpose them. I also noticed another Mitel phone system, the MX5000 (a rebadged InterTel system, after Mitel acquired them) that that phone system uses SIP for the VOIP phones, and while a couple of them I have are 5220s, if I were to get an MX5000 on the Interwebz down the road, it could theoretically work, then gain some Mitel/Intertel features.

This would be all for Media Services. Why?

My family has felt a phone system…

  • was part of the phone company’s “service” (Xfinity/Comcast Business.)
  • that each extension must be physical
  • if someone did a call pickup, bridged appearances, follow-me calling, family would not know where they are calling, and “loose track” of their adult child
  • Forget Do Not Disturb, they’ll think the network went down. (Not so much since March of 2020, where reliability was forced to go up given working from home requirements.)

Where does that leave any mobility? What if I want to park a call? So I decided that I’d use Elastix (and BTW there is no direct Internet exposure, since it’s on a non-routable LAN… and anyone who puts public IP or DNS on a SIP phone directly, is crazy, no matter what setup it is) for my media room and my bedroom. 1300 would be the “main number”, and do a dial-peer to SIP telephone number on the IP address of the Elastix box;  and the Cisco CallManager Express would calling another phone system as if it was an internal extension.

I have not been able to do outbound calling, but given the mandatory ten-digit calling in New Hampshire, this maybe easier. I’ve had issues even with the Avaya (see how I miss Key Phone Systems?)

Later in this video, I had discussed a potential migration to either Elastix and/or Isasbell and have the CME be the backup in case the server went down. In fact I would avoid SRST, and just use straight up CME; with the magic of using a Skinny Call Control Protocol driver. I do not have any spare SCCP sets laying around. This is preliminary and should be taken as speculation. 


VLOB: Don’t Let Data Be the Justification for Your Intellectual Stupidity

I get to my point after 2:00

After mentioning about how bad my mouse is and how long B&H is delivering my Kensington, and talking about how I got this Kensington from Small Dog Electronics in Manchester ,NH in 2010 before Apple took that very same space a few years later. Small Dog was for the longest time the 3rd highest reseller behind the VARs (CDW and [Mac] Connection) I connect the dots between using data and statistics to justify the reasons that autism is just-a-boy-problem and that parents of autistics have an even higher divorce rate than typicals (nearly half of all American marriages end in divorce.) Why do we say “the stats say it [so do it]’? Why do we treat people worse, because “the stats say so?” Are we this effed up? Do you know most data types are virgins who haven’t fucked a chick nor looked a naked chick?

VLOB: The Emmy Award Goes to Avid Technology…

EDIT: 02-01-21: I had done some tweaks to my Avid workflow, and overall it’s been a better at exporting. It’s not as speedy as Final Cut Pro, but I love to have multiple tools to help do my job better. And since this recording, on Friday, January 29th, the Emmy to another NRCS went to The Associated Press’ ENPS platform. So everyone-is-a-winner.
Another rant the day after I bitched on Avid after that recording: I was being bombarded on social media they got an Emmy for development of a new product Newsroom Computer Systems…better known as NRCS. No Emmy for that new Media Composer tho, just some really old systems with semi fancy GUI facades! 😀
Ironically Avid got into these businesses in the early 1990s before they went to George Lucas and got the Editdroid! Before the Associated Press’ ENPS in the late 1990s, they had almost total domination in terminal or PC-based NRCS networks vis-a-vis NewsStar, Basys and some company that did NRCS for NetWare networks.
Some of the code is older than I and old as CNN itself. Network World actually did a story on Basys on their first ever issue in 1986. I guess yeah for Avid to finally get an award under their name with these legacy products.