If “Adults” can’t trust you, how can you trust yourself?

I just received an email from my case manager explaining an idea of a new program. I was very serious. But this manager wanted very specific, detailed ideas. How can you be specific with details for a program where disabilities such as autism isn’t monolithic.

Since I have been about 18 years old, I’ve taken myself seriously, joking and light heart mindset has gone on the wayside and I don’t take jokes well, I don’t like being teased with, because I fear it will ruin my credentials.

Take a look at this email where they closed out the message on a HIPAA compliant server that will probably be around for the rest of my life time:

“Let me know.  Stay out of trouble”

What does that mean? I don’t know if it was a joke, but those words in today’s heightened society could make me think I am so at risk, that maybe I could get in trouble so easily. In fact, maybe she’s right. I do get myself into trouble especially in email. Maybe I should unplug the WAN cable in my closet…

or take me to a developmental institution. Oh right! They want all of it shutdown so I have to be forced into the community.

I can never win. I know for sure I’m a hopeless autistic.