New Hampshire’s Growing Racism (amongst all)

Starbucks closed stores late afternoon in all locations in the US for a sensitivity training, as reported by the media for months now.

However, the government known as the State of New Hampshire, a controlling, micromanaging dictatorship form of bureaucracy, where department heads cannot be contacted by citizens (unwritten rule), and questioning them (is an unwritten rule of harassment to government employees) mixed in with RACIST and ABLEIST police officers and chiefs of police with ZERO respect to anyone who doesn’t share their same skin color.

While racism and ableism can be a strong word, let’s just say that many of our governments, of the two hundred in this state with water companies, school districts, counties, cities and towns, as well as 40 state agencies, that discrimination and prejudice is discriminatory. They fear because someone see things differently or doesn’t talk in the most clearest English or doesn’t share the same skin tone, or makes the same amount of money that they shall be damned, disrespected, and worse if it’s a police force, to punish them.

New Hampshire does not like diversity. And notice how I have not mentioned Republicans (which is the majority that sets this logic) but my liberal peers are just as evil. I sometimes think our leftists have little tolerance to anyone who isn’t like them.

Sadly given this is a discussion on the public sector, it’s also highly disturbing that in emails, that is protected under RSA 91a, that people will willingly discriminate, and shut out voices in public records.

The state (I mean any government below Federal) is so controlling, so micro managing, and so discriminating, and prejudicial, it’s really disgusting. New Hampshire makes people whose not
“normal” (whatever that means) make them very sick. No matter why so many are leaving the state in droves with people between 25 to 34…