“The Ode to Melanie”…read: A Post Dedicated to Melanie

The quoted part of the title was what my mother told my therapist on New Years Eve of 2019, in the midst of a stressful Christmas, following the botched and bland trip to North Carolina the month before. My family, on the paternal side was writing me off by the day when we went south. The part Japanese family was far from “the rising sun”, they were gothic as you can get, dark, on the edge of your seat, and honest only about my quirks and not open clearly about my paternal grandmother’s health, which I thought at the time was grave.

What I didn’t know was when Melanie was actually turning her back against me too simultaneously. But this happened after I took a few days to craft this Facebook Note (which still existed at the time), of which triggered my mother as if I cheated her or something like that. Melanie saw the writing on the wall, and a week or two after, she ghosted me, and then completely severed ties on infamous Friday Afternoon dump that she was going to divorce me, dated on Saint Valentine’s Day…

Before that started to get worse, I wrote this on my Facebook:

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