Inside the MISDOT Operations Center

After a millions of pennies spent several years ago to build a new operations center for the state of Minibrick, the project has finally came into fruition today at Noon Eastern, the Minibrick State Department of Transportation will open up their new Statewide Operations Center.

This center was in the works for the last couple of years to address concerns from the Blizzard of 2015, and more synergies between operations between the various public safety and works agencies.

The setup goes as follows, each minifigure sits at their own workstation. MISDOT, MISP, MTA, DOS head. Their role is to monitor the MISDOT cameras and respond whatever comes to them. This room gets really busy during noreasters, blizzards and hurricanes when evacuation routes must be properly coordinated.

Today, the heads of the Minibrick State Police, the Minibrick State Department of Transportation, the Miniland Transit Authority, the Statewide Fire Marshall is now housed into one operations center (similar to one of those op center war rooms).

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