NH’s Generational and Cultural Gap (towards Hopeless Autistics)

I’m somewhat active in the special needs movement (I find the subject more of an overstatement to be honest) in this state. In the last few years as I’ve been more exposed to the insiders and power players, I’ve found out many of these people are aging Baby Boomers who had kids ether in the state’s institution for the developmentally disabled or didn’t and help fight to close it. That institution was the Laconia State School that opened in the turn of the 20th Century and closed in 1991. (for now on, I will refrain from using “LSS” or “Laconia State School” such place in my opinion has escalated to a cliche – especially to the younger generation.)

Which leads to me where I feel there is a disconnect to the special interests groups who have “fought” the system (i.e. being very aggressive  – more aggressive than I can ever be) and won by having the place close down. Meaning a new evil would loom within a couple of years.

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To those Who Don’t Get It…

To the Tea Party wackjobs, to the clueless Democrats and the Republicans that attack the other party for sport…

If you believe,

you can create a flight plan

enable Auto pilot

and insist that any social issue of the day (i.e. autism and the lack of addressing needs of services of all types for all kinds of people) can just fly on its own by programming the flight plan on “ideals” and “principals.

Then you sir, madam are naive and you must stop your arrogance pay attention to struggling families and individuals in this state of New Hampshire. The idea of “lets get rid of the illegals and it will fund the waitlist” is easier said than done. Among the other grumpy political tactics that can go for thousands of pages. Stop with principals, and start with real action.

Social issues are in a bumpy ride and we need HUMANS NOT law following robots, or budget cutting hicks from the country who have no idea what its like to suffer with autism. Or pols who think eliminating welfare to think charities will pick it up; or just the plain silly lawyer like politicians that just follows protocols and not understand the situation. Not only that, but some of these tight to the right Republicans also take their job so seriously, they act so serious its so damn laughable.

Maybe we should pray that every bushy faced man that is running NH politics will finally go to the graveyard, so we can have sane minded politicians that wouldn’t “tax and spend” and understand the real situations.