Unpublished Letters, Hillary and the Republican’s Lack of Response to the Autistic Population

Due to the First in The Nation Primaries being about a week away, and being denied by the statewide newspaper, and a possible crapshoot by the Nashua paper, I’m publishing the letter as if it was unpublished as of this writing, near noon Eastern Time,  February 1st 2016.

To the Editor,

In January, Hillary Clinton had made a major campaign promise to tackle autism related issues (adults with the population, unemployment, housing, and general tolerance, etc.) This candidate who also was the Secretary of State had handled the Benghazi scandal horribly, storing an unsecured email server in her New York residence, and  selling out our national security and interests.

 I do not understand why any Republican candidate hasn’t countered Clinton’s offer in regards to autism. This boggles my mind.  Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has spread inaccurate lies about childhood vaccinations causing autism and what about the Millennial voters? A year ago, it was reported that one in five twentysomethings believed that vaccines caused autism.  How many of these groups of people know anything about the disorder to begin with or had any exposure to any individuals who suffer?

 I’ve lived in this state my entire life, I as both a minority of the remaining Millennials living here and an autistic feel progressively hopeless; we cannot afford an Obama 3.0 Administration and the lack of response by any Republicans is pitiful. The lack of addressing autism directly should not be a Democrat issue as this disorder can impact anybody.

 Let’s hope someone steps up to the plate by Primary Day.

Steven Ayotte,
Merimack, NH