Your Tax Dollars at Work: NH Council on ASD

In May of this year, I joined in a focus group lead by a project leader at the New Hampshire Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders focusing on several issues. It took place at an annual conference in upstate.

It is now almost Thanksgiving, and according to inside sources (whom I won’t name publicly) have said they will release the report till next spring – nearly a year after I would join the group.

Why in the hell is the special needs system so slow to address an urgent concern to any citizen with autism in New Hampshire? Why are the mothers of  10 year olds running the show? Why do we have out of staters on the board? What has this Council have done for everyone in this state?

I’m really disturbed by the politics in Concord, and the politics within autism, and the politics of Concord plus autism in New Hampshire.

Our favorite pasttime is what really hurts all autistics in this state. It’s time for people have accountability, strict timelines (i.e. get the funds, use it, and get the report done in an urgent matter.)  If you can’t get the time to do it to take care of your autistic son, then outsource it to someone who can get it done in months, not years.

Or expect to see more hopeless autistics by year 2020.