Developmental Services System 1991 (NH State Audit Compressed for 2021 Standards)

In 1991, after the Laconia State School closed, the State of New Hampshire did an audit of the system and services for the developmentally delayed. Out of respect for modern day technologies, the original PDF can be seen here, at the expense of your network or cell data plan, This was the time where Macintosh computers were not used by many, so it’s lousy in design quality. The PDF was converted at some point from it’s original DOS-like word processing in 1998, and thanks to RSA 91-a, I am doing you a public service by hosting a lighter version of this PDF because am I a native nerd to the the government affairs, not “obsessed with the system”.

Sadly a lot of the core context in this file has never been addressed. Bill of Rights is kinda the theme here, and sadly the developmental disability system has been audited several times since 1991. But ironically the audits never go back to the original blueprint of the 1991 audit. Sadly I don’t even think our current agencies at the Department of Education or at the Bureau even have this document

Do understand in 1991, there was a dueling thing going on, and that was special education. I entered into Londonderry just months before, and there was a lot of growing pains across the state for Special Education, that was done on a reactionary measure, that then carried into adulthood so people like your’s truly was then hungover with the neglect at the SPED level.

The compressed PDF will be the source of many future writings or postings of content related to my condition and the ever so declining system that isn’t just me that’s having the problems. I can only speak for myself and presently I am the only one that is the most outspoken for the rights of me and my peers.

The Search to the Demise of Democracy

An ongoing series to find out why one of the smaller states may had been the very state that lead us – that is also the United States into the hellhole politically. This subject is on “the media”.

“The media” gets a bad rap, and I suspect the phrase “the media” like it being “the enemy of the people” is unfairly characterized, but its improperly directed at the wrong groups. The people behind the institutions are often the targets, but it’s really the way the media has become a commercialized entity where the content is a slot machine, that like a modern day slot machine in Vegas is “rigged”. Lax rules in the industry by the FCC, helped make radio a painful medium no matter if it’s Class A AM or Class C FM. The content for a lack of a better word, sucks.

In order to be part of a productive member of a democratic society, one must be informed of their surroundings of their local institutions.

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“Election Day” in Merrimack, NH

In today’s narrative, I thought, I’d share my thoughts with this alleged day in one of the largest towns in the state that’s not a city. More on the illegal use of “Election Day” in a few ‘graphs.

I’ve lived in Merrimack, New Hampshire for almost a decade; my family and I moved here for some specific reasons, a large selling value was the proximity of being close to Nashua and other areas east of the River. Merrimack, was historically known as a “big town” with a lower population than say Londonderry, which had one of the highest population centers.

When I relocated, the town’s population in 2000 was hovering around Londonderry, but an estimation in late 2010, put it at nearly 27,000 as a “projected” population count.

The rate of low income housing being built, and more housing, any attempts for open-space has gone out of the wayside.

Certain people in Merrimack have a certain distrust to the government. This is the majority of the town, because other than having a population second or third to Derry or Salem, the population is mostly “townies”. Worse people who have hyper-cynical beliefs that the town government is out to get Joe Doe from 127 Main St (we don’t really have a “Main Street”). In recent years, the anger amongst townies was Comcast. There was no facility for people to drop off dysfunctional set top boxes; and going across the river to just the other side of Hudson on 102 was too much for the people.

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Old Man of the Mountains Fifteen Years Plus 1 Month

On Saturday, May 3rd, 2003, the “face” of New Hampshire changed forever. The Old Man of the Mountains, located at Franconia Notch State Park, was a natural formation of an old man when seen to the pointing to a certain perspective facing south near Profile Lake.

It was man-preserved for many years up till an early May night, when it came crumbling down into Profile Lake. It made headlines the following morning. Since it was almost a couple hours where I once lived, we went right up there.

©2003 Steven Clickford. Please do not use these photos publicly without permission.

New Hampshire’s Growing Racism (amongst all)

Starbucks closed stores late afternoon in all locations in the US for a sensitivity training, as reported by the media for months now.

However, the government known as the State of New Hampshire, a controlling, micromanaging dictatorship form of bureaucracy, where department heads cannot be contacted by citizens (unwritten rule), and questioning them (is an unwritten rule of harassment to government employees) mixed in with RACIST and ABLEIST police officers and chiefs of police with ZERO respect to anyone who doesn’t share their same skin color.

While racism and ableism can be a strong word, let’s just say that many of our governments, of the two hundred in this state with water companies, school districts, counties, cities and towns, as well as 40 state agencies, that discrimination and prejudice is discriminatory. They fear because someone see things differently or doesn’t talk in the most clearest English or doesn’t share the same skin tone, or makes the same amount of money that they shall be damned, disrespected, and worse if it’s a police force, to punish them.

New Hampshire does not like diversity. And notice how I have not mentioned Republicans (which is the majority that sets this logic) but my liberal peers are just as evil. I sometimes think our leftists have little tolerance to anyone who isn’t like them.

Sadly given this is a discussion on the public sector, it’s also highly disturbing that in emails, that is protected under RSA 91a, that people will willingly discriminate, and shut out voices in public records.

The state (I mean any government below Federal) is so controlling, so micro managing, and so discriminating, and prejudicial, it’s really disgusting. New Hampshire makes people whose not
“normal” (whatever that means) make them very sick. No matter why so many are leaving the state in droves with people between 25 to 34…


Designing Better Highways in the Rural Areas

Friday night, my mother and myself was stuck in traffic on Interstate 93 North as many people were kicking off the summer break (unofficially) for the Memorial Day weekend.

Well for about thirty five minutes from Exit 7 on Interstate 293 to Bow we were crawling till we took the beaten path of Interstate 89. No we didn’t go to Vermont.

However near Exit 6, my mother noticed a bus veering right to head off that exit till suddenly a headlight was heading towards us on the fast line. My mother was about to respect the state law to move over for emergency vehicles or big vehicles that need space. But if she did that we would be in the news. Ironically the engagement was to go to a discussion on Enhanced 9-1-1- for my state at the New Hampshire Telephone Museum an exit further north. The other ironic thing was we didn’t call.

And this was on a holiday weekend too to make it worse.

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The Driving Off the Cliff Metaphor

If there isn’t another way to describe my emotions over the last month, the last year to see what’s ahead for the next year, put it this way.

Imagine you’re driving a “Crappy American car” as I liked to describe the Big 3 autos; and that Crappy American car just like any other that will sputter unexpectedly. The car looses control. You try everything to avert a major disaster.

You’re up against a cliff and the road. But lets say there is a Big Scary Truck that is carrying hazardous materials. What do you do? Do you plow into the BST or go off the cliff and risk your life?

If you were a sane person, you’d drive off the cliff, to prevent a major disaster going into the BST.

“The system” in my state, the “supports” (the lack thereof) and the out of control government both on the state and Federal level is this Crappy American car. All the things I’ve previously discussed since inception in October is what this car is made out of.

You have no choice to avoid disaster, you’re going to wreck no matter what. Your peddles are failing, the steering wheel is about seconds to lock up.

And this is where I am right now. I can’t seem to try to navigate this broken car that I am riding at a “high rate of speed.” I have no driving force. I’m a passenger in the driver’s seat. There is no 9-1-1/Tier 2/3 helpline  for hopeless autistics. I have to navigate this myself.

And sadly the only option is to drive off the cliff. Will I survive? Who knows. At this point what worse can happen? Or is the worst yet to come?

I can’t answer that question. Because I am at a loss for answers. Just asking unanswered questions.


Where’s Peace?

It would be an understatement that the “world’s on fire.” And not to far away in our back yard. There seems to be too much domestic violence in mass attacks, and it’s a little unnerving that our President cannot do his job and punish the animals who destroy other family’s lives. (Oh I forgot, people voted for the President so he could give autistic people more rights…oh well why have I been stuck since he’s been president?)

Closer to home, it seems that my day program is sputtering too. Sudden changes to schedules near the Christmas time period and yet it seems that staff and clients are in a mess. Yet, I am supposed to also meet Concord’s narrative of “everything is awesome”; there is nothing wrong with “the system”, all of our micro-managing of pushing “community based supports” is working perfectly as planned. Maybe for Bartlett, maybe not so much for say Hudson.

I don’t understand this. There is so  many autistics plus other developmentally disabled people in this state – and yet “the adults in the room” seem to act like children and pretend nothing is wrong until they see the unintended consequences (opps, was that a “microagression theory”) come into fruition in a tragic way.

To say there is not an autism crisis to borderline autistics, and adults would be an understatement, as I stated numerous of times since October.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: NH Council on ASD

In May of this year, I joined in a focus group lead by a project leader at the New Hampshire Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders focusing on several issues. It took place at an annual conference in upstate.

It is now almost Thanksgiving, and according to inside sources (whom I won’t name publicly) have said they will release the report till next spring – nearly a year after I would join the group.

Why in the hell is the special needs system so slow to address an urgent concern to any citizen with autism in New Hampshire? Why are the mothers of  10 year olds running the show? Why do we have out of staters on the board? What has this Council have done for everyone in this state?

I’m really disturbed by the politics in Concord, and the politics within autism, and the politics of Concord plus autism in New Hampshire.

Our favorite pasttime is what really hurts all autistics in this state. It’s time for people have accountability, strict timelines (i.e. get the funds, use it, and get the report done in an urgent matter.)  If you can’t get the time to do it to take care of your autistic son, then outsource it to someone who can get it done in months, not years.

Or expect to see more hopeless autistics by year 2020.