The News With Shepard Smith Begins Tonight… Predictions

It was Gram’s 79th birthday last year, October 11th, a Friday fall afternoon. 3:59 pm Eastern Time. I am having a late lunch. I can hear the TV in the dining room of which Gram is watching. I hear context of self-reflection. I also hear something about contracts and leaving. I literally run to the living room and saw the abnormal closing of Shepard Smith Reports on the Fox News Channel; using my ears, I knew he was gone. Both of us looked puzzled Because our box has a DVR, I rewound back 2 minutes before to see it again. This time, we see the leadup to to Neil Cauvto who went like “wola” and was felt he was thrown under the bus. In fact when you see the last jib cam shot, you see a group of people on an Avaya phone almost like coordinating his shadowed exit. 

Ironically Emily Rooney’s show on WGBH was on tape that evening because it was the upcoming Columbus Day Weekend. Did the panel follow up and made a segment the following Friday? Nope!  Not to mention in January she made a remark confused of where he was on the channel. I said he left on the week y’all off! Brian Steltzer had a tingle in his eye when the news broke at CNN.

Nevertheless Shep’s disappearance (whether you like him or not, whether or not you like his politics or whether or not you approve of his sexuality) was a huge void missing in cable, of which I am pointing to YOU COVID19 and POTUS & Friends! The news of Shep moving to CNBC was announced in mid to late summer and promos are running on CNBC’s air this week. His show begins tonight 7:00 Eastern on CNBC.

My predictions:

  • If you wanted balance and stable coverage on COVID19, Shep is the go-to guy. If you were missing better coverage, Shep being off the air didn’t help
  • There will most likely be some business and market coverage. That 7:00 ET slot had been reserved for emergent market events; and Shep can do that either on his own or help with his new CNBC team
  • Will Shep chase the storms in studio or in the field? That may not be out of the realm of possibilities.
  • This may not occur, but CNBC is due for a massive rebrand….way overdue. Because the dark blue colors of graphics and set have gone for too long. In fact in it’s 31 years, nearly half of it has been around dark blue/black; whether it’s graphics or sets and/or both. CNBC’s history has not had many years had vibrant colors. Their current studios is roughly 17 years old, and for at least 15 years, CNBC has had a lot of dark backdrops and lighting in the largest part of the building, the newsroom. You can’t tell me that it’s growing mold and other elements of sick building syndrome, which actually what SBS stands for.

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No Politics Here!

I don’t like to discuss politics. My family have certain views, and some of my other extended family members have apparent views as well. From my subjective view, I see them lean to the right, but often repeating what their media they are consuming are telling them,

Not only that, we don’t talk about issues anymore. The “big picture” stuff. Stuff that politicians don’t control and bureaucrats can manipulate policy.

NOT ONE Member in my family puts their own politics in their own words. It’s often rip-and-read from whatever talking-head on cable news tells them.

This is what I also see on social media, people “sharing” content and remark with what they are instructed to do. It’s really sad.

We as Americans for over a decade are picking and choosing a side and then mock the other one, and what has been forgotten for the last decade is issues! We as Americans who were interested in politics, had a high level intelligence (meaning they were thinking on diplomatic and implicit tone). Now today it has stooped down to low level, emotional and sensational and explicitly telling people how to think, and not use original thinking.

I will not chant #MAGA like some person being directed by  dictator. I think for myself and therefore I believe in a democratic society.

Put Roger Ailes’ manipulation with Joel Cheatwood’s If it bleeds it leads mantra of 7 News and politics in the last decade evolved from the National Review type of conversations to the National Inquirer, of tabloid trash of political chatter, mixed with name-calling, and flashy political news that doesn’t have substance. I also can’t stand the current rendition of HuffPo, where they really rip the right on frivolous stuff.

I have been registered as an Independent since I was eighteen, and I have voted both parties in various offices. Also I can brag that I have voted in Town Meetings around my birthday in New Hampshire because municipal elections enable citizens to have more control on their government than voting for a congressperson and outsourcing democracy and citizenry to a D.C. Office. I noticed that the people who obsess about D.C. Politics in my family are the ones who grew up when my old town was more “rural” where rural governments were non existent and focus on the next largest government body – the Federal system.

Not only that, we don’t talk about issues anymore. The “big picture” stuff. Stuff that politicians don’t control and bureaucrats can manipulate policy.  But low calorie, same day news, mixed with the “happy moment caught on camera” is the norm. And as a result, we as Americans, both left, right and centrists have subjected to ourselves to lower class in less than a generation!

If you believe in holding ALL PEOPLE IN POWER accountable, you also have have investigative journalism. No not “consumer investigative journalism” like how an iPhone protector doesn’t work the way they claim. Go onto YouTube and search for some old News 8 Investigates from WFAA in Dallas, the station that pioneered enterprise journalism for TV, and was once a sister entity the prestigious Dallas Morning News.

I am afraid at times to share my issue- driven policy because I fear I would be painted by my loved ones as a liberal. I am sick and tired of fitting into a political cookie cutter anymore. I am sick and tired of “Liberal Democrat” to have same dirty tone as calling someone a c–t or a Republican that is cold hearted, or whatever stereotype.

Issues, Municipal Affairs, White collared crime… whatever happened to ball busting reporting? It’s been long gone and you can thank the demented POTUS Ronnie Regan who allowed deregulation of the media so you can entertain yourself to death with cable news copying the late Casey Kasem’s AT40 of Liberal Hipocracy instead of serious news.

I watch, FNC barely today, FBN is a joke, because it’s FNC2, and watch CNBC with my fingers to my nose, I barely stand the lefist Bloomberg TV, and I don’t watch the 6:30 news anymore, so after that, where do I turn? On Friday nights, since 1998 (with a few on and off years), I’ve tuned to my journalistic idol, Emily (the daughter of the late Andy) Rooney to geek out on the news media’s coverage of week events, Beat The Press the local WGBH show. Because BTP focuses on issues in the media when the other Sunday Morning shows, Reliable Sources and Media Buzz on CNN and FNC are so flipping polarized.

I will not chant #MAGA like some person being directed by  dictator. I think for myself and therefore I believe in a democratic society.

The New York Daily News “Bloodbath”

In New York media today, a massive layoff at the New York Daily News has rivaled as mass layoff, putting the torturous   “Massacre of 1996” that took 6 anchors off a job from the newscast at WCBS-TV (of which one of the papers called it the said title at that time) to put shame very lightly. It’s much worse.

Channel 2’s loss 20+ years ago is pure child’s play. And in fact, this may impact the Daily News in almost a similar PR crisis, unlike local TV, you can beat the odds of bad TV ratings 10 years is not something a newspaper in the 2010s can do, especially in a different business climate.  Over 40 newsroom employees got the boot, most in the sports unit and photogs that got a notice today, as the paper was sold to Tronic last fall, (aka the Chicago Tribune company… for all intensive purposes, I’m going to just call it Tribune because I feel every time I mention it, I have to pay Disney or somebody for mentioning part of a movie of yesteryear.)

When I saw Tronic trending, I was surprised to see the Daily News in the same graph. I didn’t know they were sold. According to The New York Times, it was actually sold for a $1 by Mort Zuckerman, the former owner.

Some of these people are critical for a news operation, such as assignment editors and sports writers, of which now New York Yankees stories may very well come from a blog or a wire service going to a “local” “hometown team” paper. Even worse, the Bronx Bombers are in Tampa Bay and the writer has been relieved of his duties prior to coming back home to the Five Boroughs.

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The Lack of General News Coverage

The sudden death of designer Kate Spade was basically non existent amongst most of the media except for the breaking news nature when the story started to peculate around 12:00 ET yesterday when a call to the NYPD by her housekeeper found her dead with a note nearby. Early and late reports are classifying this as an “apparent” suicide.

There has not been much follow up on the national media (I didn’t check the “breakfast TV” shows), the Fox News Chanel, CNN, CNBC, did not have this as a lead. The local New York TV stations had this on their lead, but not even their all newsradio station had no blurb online.

Online it was worse, it took me from heading home from Nashua, half way through the ride before I found a story on vis-a-vis an article that combined other sudden deaths.

The stories of yesterday, the alleged sudden cancelation of the Philadelphia Eagles’ trip to the White House, and Presidant Trump replacing the ceremony to honor our country; lingering legal scandals in the White House, CNN on fire for releasing a story that had to be retracted (via Fox News); CNBC having other stories focusing on President Trump’s political dramas, etc.

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Why I do not Like Managed Care

I’m all for capitalism.

I’m all for reducing excessive costs.

I’m all for helping the needy, especially people like me who can’t take care of himself every hour and minute of the day. (That’s not a lie, and if I am cutting myself short – then so be it!)

The problem today is the biggest fear I have that will lead in to year 2020 , the year of the Hopeless Autistic. It’s Managed Care.

Managed care on the abstract, is supposed to improve quality of life for people who have Medicaid plans. Some people who are on Medicaid don’t have a Primary Care Provider or their “doctor”. Also some may be over or even under appropriating their Medicaid funds for their healthcare.

The problem is what was once a state controlled setup is now being outsourced to for-profit companies that have to deliver “shareholder value” in a quarter to quarter basis. Whether or not its based in my state is illrelevent. I’m all for provider diversity, if the company is based in the south, I could care less. I can’t name anyone in the Medicaid system in Concord form a lineup, and as previously mentioned, the power players in Concord do not know the brutal realities in their own state, so that ridiculous argument from the far left moonbats have that DEBUNKED!

The problem is what Medicaid used to be infinite, is now narrow-focused (back to a “cookie cutter” system) and what if your doctor is in one plan or company and another doctor in another?  And imagine the other part of Medicaid that is used for day services for every type of disability? A plan for Asperger’s and a plan for the low IQ, but if you’re in the middle you’re screwed?

I’ve spoken to many professionals in regards to me and they have nothing nice to say about any of the manged care providers. One woman said the New Hampshire Healthy Families was like dealing with a stubborn 3 year old child! That is my managed care provider!

And this is what many autistics are up against when the GOP basically forces the “Tax and Spend Democrats” agenda (without any facts to back it up and use improper English like how I wrote the quoted phrase) and forcing people to “Vote the Gang of Seven [because we will stick to 1950s agenda because ‘it worked’]”

I’m not going to let the Democrats off the hook. Their propaganda is just as bad, blaming the other party and exploiting the special interests for their own “capital.”

The illegal aliens in this state? I don’t think taking them off the rolls will save the state money because I don’t believe there are that many. It’s not to say they should be getting it the first place, I think it’s one of those GOP, templates that is more relevant in other states, but not as relevant as NH. I blame such template agendas on the Clear Channels of the world owning Rush Limbaugh and 700 tiny radio stations that carry cheap programing with cheap agendas and cheap people believing in the cheap agendas on a radio station you can get a better audience of getting a local talent shouting out of the window!