The Lack of General News Coverage

The sudden death of designer Kate Spade was basically non existent amongst most of the media except for the breaking news nature when the story started to peculate around 12:00 ET yesterday when a call to the NYPD by her housekeeper found her dead with a note nearby. Early and late reports are classifying this as an “apparent” suicide.

There has not been much follow up on the national media (I didn’t check the “breakfast TV” shows), the Fox News Chanel, CNN, CNBC, did not have this as a lead. The local New York TV stations had this on their lead, but not even their all newsradio station had no blurb online.

Online it was worse, it took me from heading home from Nashua, half way through the ride before I found a story on vis-a-vis an article that combined other sudden deaths.

The stories of yesterday, the alleged sudden cancelation of the Philadelphia Eagles’ trip to the White House, and Presidant Trump replacing the ceremony to honor our country; lingering legal scandals in the White House, CNN on fire for releasing a story that had to be retracted (via Fox News); CNBC having other stories focusing on President Trump’s political dramas, etc.

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