Rick Santorum’s and the GOP’s Medical Emergency

Ex Senator Rick Santorum is at it again. Suffering with yet another foot to mouth disease, he went on CNN’s State of the Union, the day after the March for Our Lives, the arrogant Republican from suggested the young people “take a CPR class” instead “looking to someone else to solve their problems.”

It’s widely assumed on social media he was referring to cardiopulmonary recusication, and not something like the tagline of the NYPD for Community, Professionalism and Respect.  This is the same nitwit who compared many years ago to same sex marriage as “man-on-dog-sex” and a boatload of other stupid statements.

The irony is that this looser is stuck in the 1980s when barely a fraction of people other than first responders, and medical professionals that were trained in such and in some districts, it’s a required lesson. In fact, there is probably more youngsters taught then he wants to believe.

The other irony is if there is a mass casualty attack from assault weapons, CPR won’t save them. Also, some recommend not to preform CPR in a mass causality event, because it could be insensitive to save one, but delay another. Maybe he forgets, that living in a civilian life, that you don’t pound on someones chest for revival if anyone goes down – like I dunno the military? Or at least that’s what I see on TV shows when anyone gets shot out there on the front lines, go to right to compressions, even if they barely have a pulse. Because in the military, CPR will save lives!

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