Women Avoiding Their Lane (Women Speaking on Men’s Issues) – Brittney Sellner

Brittney Sellner, an American YouTuber is part of this alt-right movement, of populism over facts, and using emotions to scare her audience. Ironically masculine men would preach “facts over emotions”. I guess that applies if the person is a philosophical  (or a “liberal”) person. But it’s a female not a masculine men that is preaching unhealthy information. She was born in America in 1992 (makes her a younger Millenial… which means she’s not only self-centered, but considered to be dumber than her older counterparts.) She married an Austrian (via the fan Wiki sites – a groom with Neo-Nazi ties… going to leave it at that. The reader should now know how bad she is.)

Her editing is lousy. It’s often shot on a webcam, and cut every five seconds as if she was talking for over an hour. Her dB reads are often very hot, peaking at 11 in most videos. Her anger and fast talking really causes a passerby to get highly anxious. Two of the most absurd videos of late was her views on sexuality…

According to her logic, “the media” and our culture is “obsessed”. When you cut her self-pimping book, this goes down faster than 8 minutes. If you have low tolerance, I’ll just give you the jist:

  • Uses celebrities as the scapegoat for the hyper-sexualizing “in the last few decades a-ago” – is she implying like 5 since the 1960s?
  • Bashes OnlyFans, which is a niche platform to pay to view more raunchier content
  • Refers to the Kardashians phonetically as “Kardashins”. Wow is she living in Austria?
  • “Its the norm to be hyper sexual”
  • She tries to talk like a non-American intellectual by phonetically saying “ta-boo”, and “Holy-wood”. (Her backdrop on her YouTube looks like it was taken in Austria… need I say more?)
  • Starts to throw porn under the bus (claims that “inceset-porn” is on the rise)
  • She starts to make unreferenced claims about a rise of PornHub… OK???
  • She attacks the music industry’s sexualization
  • “Once a ta-boo [sic] is normalized…and people need to take it a step further”
  • Claims porn is destructive to society, but yet rhetoric isn’t?
  • 9:25 she goes way down… wait for it…uses some Vice News articles to back that up.

Still porn apparently is hurting society and yet POTUS Trump, Mr. Holier Than Thou was completely morally perfect in his governance. Makes a lot of sense.

My Core Values (to other people I care about)

Part of Defining Me, and Man-O-Festo
This disposability should never be expected at all, and that’s very demoralizing. I have felt like a cute little puppy where suddenly one day, the ol people in my life didn’t feel I was worth anything; throw “it”  (that’s me) to the curb, on a low traffic road – hoping no one would even notice what would become an abandoned object.  It seems like it’s legitimate behavior amongst the adults-in-the-room.
This could be long enough to be in a bio on a Match-type of dating site or app, but with the way women are narcissists, they wouldn’t give a damn reading a bio, that’s well written!
 I am not someone who waits by the telephone unless I am standing by for someone who agreed to reach out to me. While other people text message 3 short messages impulsively, I am someone who will put together a tightly-written message in a single instance, rather than hearing my phone go off 3 times for pointless thoughts. If I don’t respond within a couple hours, I have not forgotten them, I’m busy, but I always get back to people within 24 hours, because I would expect the same as well.  I never leave people that I know hanging. 
If I was to meet someone in person, I would meet them at the mutually agreed upon place and time. I am very punctual, sometimes late by seconds not by minutes or hours. I always try to come prepared in any situation. Somedays I come off selfish, but that’s a misunderstanding, somedays I miss other people’s points, concerns, etc. 
I do look out for the people I care about, therefore I am not selfish,  I see peers getting the short end of the stick, and people think I can’t see that. I often will stick up for the people I value with actions and constructive language (when possible.) I’ve since noticed over the years, that many of these negative individuals will dispose individuals like me; use cheap and destructive language – worse write someone like me off as if I have no future or growth. This is repeated fears of having any types of close relationships outside of family that was out of my control! This disposability should never be expected at all, and that’s very demoralizing. I have felt like a cute little puppy where suddenly one day, the ol people in my life didn’t feel I was worth anything; throw “it”  (that’s me) to the curb, on a low traffic road – hoping no one would even notice what would become an abandoned object.  It seems like it’s legitimate behavior amongst the adults-in-the-room.
The ideals of a person that I longed look for, are the opposite of the examples of past experiences, hence I was treated all along. I’ve learned the hard way good people are much harder to find than saying the cliche over and over.

Suriving from Narcissistic Relationships from a Victim of One (Defining ME)

Part of the Man-O-Festo series, in a way

I am a recovering survivor of psychological abuse of said groups (SPED and even the adult day program personnel of late) that seemingly have alarming amounts of narcissistic qualities. In simplicity, if you were to superimpose narcissistic traits against people whom I should trust in a professional sense, I would say the mix of the two would cause a very toxic relationship.

The war for power and control to an individual’s freedom is something that no one wants to admit at all (which in itself is like malignant-narcissism…)

Malignant narcissism is a hypothetical, experimental diagnostic category. Narcissistic personality disorder is found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR), while malignant narcissism is not. As a hypothetical syndrome, malignant narcissism could include aspects of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) alongside a mix of antisocialparanoid and sadistic personality disorder traits. The importance of malignant narcissism and of projection as a defense mechanism has been confirmed in paranoia, as well as “the patient’s vulnerability to malignant narcissistic regression”.[3]

From Wikipedia on Malignant narcissism


In context, I have been subjected to

  • Being the object one’s grandiosity
  • Being used as an object to project the offending person’s ego
  • Gaslighting is almost an SOP for the extreme narcissist
  • My safety could’ve been at risk because the malignant narcissistic had no regards to other people’s well-being because all they cared was themselves
  • Sadistic natures could be classified as low-tolerance for what could be slightly atypical behavior, and can be used for domination and punishment. (Others may had been literally sexually abused or verbally attacked by a typical professional in the world I once was entirely exposed.)

  And what’s very alarming is how little things have or never will change in the future. I know recent college grads that gone into SPED field with a very controlling, manipulative and gas lighting attitude and are unafraid to “punish” children or even adult that are much older than themselves. Noticing the same repetition of the professionals farming out into the real world, is extremely depressing. 

I want to be treated like how I should’ve been in the first place

With these experiences turned into treat yourself the way you wished you were treated. My philosophical views of my life is based off my in experiences


  • I value people if there is anyone to respect in the first place; I am not a pessimist, nor that I am as cynical when I was a child, but more skeptical and hopeful that not everyone is intending to be a bad-person. 
  • To feel of purpose – not of service.  
  • To have a meaningful and a reasonably casual relationship, and not to check one’s box
  • I like to be in a “safe space”, not from the popular physical-danger sense, but in a healthy social environment where any individual should be able to runaway and have conversations or express thoughts where someone like me could both feel like I am heard, and someone is listening, and the back and forth can be as reciprocal as possible. 
  • Responsibility by default should start and end with you. That word that should be implicit (not spoken out) and not explicit (where it’s said out loud)  “We” should be based on a group of individuals from the start but it’s best to say “you and me” or “you and I”. If this boundary doesn’t in the beginning, when things hit the fan, it becomes sad game of hot-potato, a simple finger-pointing thing uttering words that start and end with “you” which goes back to gas lighting and throwing people under the bus. You and I may just have a few more letters but it has more meaning over “we” and it draws a line of responsibility and it also enhances groups as individuals. You may read this for larger groups like teams, but even for a 1 on 1 friendship; I still think if people would apply personal responsibility, maybe people would stay friends longer, or even extend to marriages, etc. (the only thing you hear from the Jordan Petersons of the world is the “individual as a unit of people” however the collectivism is a nice way to write off a clusterf— of lacking accountability.)
  • Most often in my life, I had to “listen” to the self-centered professional and was expected to, while they would  choose not “hear” my concerns and rational opinions; in this way broke a “safe-space” concept of the ideal engagement by lacking validation and acknowledgement – because these people are expecting my groups of people have no potential to be engaging than interacting. “Interacting” is a low-level form of engagement you expect at your local Early Education Program – not for an adult!
  • When Adele’s Hello was popular circa 2016, I had resonated with a lot of the underlying lyrics. If you figured out by now, you’d know why I was singing this song out loud.


Why I am not in High Tech (Man-O-Festo)

An ongoing series called Man-O-Festo, basically inventorying my personal experience as an adult male in a man’s world. 

I’ve been kicked out of a numerous of male-centric Facebook groups as well as the over Web groups over the years. I’ve been blaintely kicked out of the TCI Facebook Group, a broadcast interest Facebook group, my reputation on a Reddit account was lowered because I had been lectured, and I had challenged the arrogant IT type, and I have gotten comments removed on Tek-Tips because I was “emotional on our technical forums”.

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The Man-O-Festo (The Post on Why Men Have Ruined Themselves)

Since the 2016 Election, there is a growth of extreme cringy-fringy YouTubers defending chauvinistic ideas to the point you wonder why things happened say January 6th?

To put it in the simplistic sense, I strongly believe if you want equality and fairness women need to accept

  • They need to control their hormones better so men can have some level of emotional expectations (likewise men need to stop acting like a bunch of horny ol men)
  • They need to define themselves, of who they are, and what they should be looking for. The way girls are being positioned to be bullies to guys; and for them they become prey and they go into a rescue-instinct

Men on the other hand (speaking as one) really needs to get their act together as well. They need to throw away two personality and behavior types

  • Aggressive (that is extremely pushy, to the point of bullying, threatening and worse gaslighting)
  • Abusive (completely disrespecting anyone, treating individuals like they are third-rate objects)
  • … and being an asshole, or a dick, or jackass, whatever. Don’t be foolish, don’t play innocent, and don’t be combative! 

Change your attitudes unless you want to be defined as…

  • Deflective (passing-the-buck, deferring to others, or authoritative figures, not owning it)
  • Defensive (that your shit-doesn’t-smell and acting all innocent)
  • Defiant (that your beliefs are all settled, no discussion, that your defensive mechanisms have escalated, and your deflective nature needs to be enhanced to look like a Triple-A behavior)

The Triple-D Demeanor and Triple-A Behavior are what creates Toxic Masculinity. Useful idiots like Jordan Peterson (who to me seems to be pretty gay to begin with) and his followers have caused this issue to accelerate, while Presidant Trump has gotten away with thousands of lies, violated governance laws, and did illegal things for The Trump Organization and while being the sitting president in The White House.  The projection of his narcissism, the authoritative approach to cult of personality, and the us-vs-them demogogary actually has degraded not just democracy, but anyone who would say US is known for being a democratic-republic country, would even degrade the boldface part of our governance.

With the rise of alternative media, sugarcoating critical information as false, and replacing it with gospel in the political sense, what was not appropriate for even an owner of a small business, was legitimized with POTUS Trump’s Triple D and Triple A temperament.

The reason why Americans should avoid hard-right conservative “principals” and “personal-core-beliefs” instead of agreeing on a set of facts, will be a lot worse than if men are soy-boys or “drag-queens” lurking in public schools. Many of these content creators have their priorities backwards, and the worse is they are women!