#LondonderryNH Exposed, Episode 7, Part 1 (“Where Was Steven During the Day?”)

Steven chronicles his depressive teenage years when he started his journey outside the school district. In the mid 1990s, the NH Route 101 was expanding it’s highway, and Steven would ride by the ol Castles of Brentwood, filled of shops. Like Route 66 out west, these stores closed, and by the end of 2001, Seacoast Learning Collaborative (SLC) had completely taken over of all of the vacant leased spaces  of the said  location that was also owned by the New England Dragway. Steven exposes the “propherial school” system of New Hampshire Special Education and how it felt more like an inmate facility than a place to straighten students up.

Originally Streamed on February 22nd, 2021

#LondonderryNH Exposed: The Ex-Disgraced Head of SAU 12

01:00​ – Introduction
01:30​ – People Behind Institutions
03:00​ – Greenberg Starts @ SAU12
03:23​ – He Sounds Like Janet Fuckin Yellen
03:40​ – An Elitest
05:00​ – Out of District – Out of Mind
05:55​ – Seacoast NH – Diff World
07:28​ – Greenberg Exploits NH Adequate Edu Laws
10:00​ – School Board LIT. Acts as BODs
10:25​ – SAU Abuses NH RSA 91a
10:55​ – SAU 12’s Accounting Practices
12:55​ – Town Govt is the Collecting Agency
13:55​ – WHERE DID YOUR $70M GO?
14:20​ – Gov Jeanne Shaheen’s “The ABC Plan”
15:00​ – a Rideby to Claremont, NH
17:00​ – Greenberg Exploits Ltown Voters
17:50​ – SB2 Violations
19:30​ – Using “Quorums” for “Deliberative Sessions”
23:00​ – Did “the children” actually “vote”?
25:30​ – SAU12 Burdens Town Resources
26:15​ – Town Govt Gets Raped Financially
26:50​ – SAU Were Angels
27:50​ – Town/Lderry Recommended to Run like a business
31:40​ – SAU12’s office was closed to the public
36:00​ – I like this crap – not obsessed w/ the system
38:20​ – No Vocational Education
38:40​ – SAU12’s Pro-Knowledge Worker Econ
44:00​ – The abuse of “default” vs. “minimal” budgets
46:10​ – Mooch’s “Aspiring Middle Class” style
48:00​ – The 90% Commonality/10% overlap
50:00​ – Out of Districts Were Denied of LHS Resources

5th Grade – Hopeless Romantic, confirmed (Hopeless Autistic)

In late 2018, I finally arrived to the litmus test of what would solidify the Hopeless Autistic status from the late 1990s, just a year before the diagnosis was brought to my attention after SHTF.

In a Facebook Messenger thread of school age friend, of which 2 years worth of conversations was actually printed out at 147 pages, for a discovery. Mind you, the only video chat occurred around this time, in late 2018. Millennials really use Facebook for pics and texts.

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NH’s Generational and Cultural Gap (towards Hopeless Autistics)

I’m somewhat active in the special needs movement (I find the subject more of an overstatement to be honest) in this state. In the last few years as I’ve been more exposed to the insiders and power players, I’ve found out many of these people are aging Baby Boomers who had kids ether in the state’s institution for the developmentally disabled or didn’t and help fight to close it. That institution was the Laconia State School that opened in the turn of the 20th Century and closed in 1991. (for now on, I will refrain from using “LSS” or “Laconia State School” such place in my opinion has escalated to a cliche – especially to the younger generation.)

Which leads to me where I feel there is a disconnect to the special interests groups who have “fought” the system (i.e. being very aggressive  – more aggressive than I can ever be) and won by having the place close down. Meaning a new evil would loom within a couple of years.

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