Unpublished Letters: Bureau of Developmental Services’ $20m Misfunding

Originally sent to the statewide newspaper at the Union Leader on Thursday and never responded. I highly doubt the mainstream media wants to really touch this story with a 10′ pole.

To the Editor,

Reading the cover story on February 13 th about the $20 million mismanaged funds at the Department of Health and Human Services’ Bureau of Developmental Services makes me sick as a resident whose describes himself as a “hopeless autistic.”

 In 2008, I had finished high school on my 21st birthday that fell on a half day on a Wednesday in March of that year. My supports with the SAU I resided at the time and the out of district program faded almost immediately. The area agency that covered my former residence simply did not have my back.

For nearly 18 months, I was on the “waitlist” which made me fall backwards. I also didn’t have much of a hopeful future before and after receiving Medicaid Waiver funding for day services; which has made me limp through life in the “real world” – which is reverse from what is taught in special education.

Meanwhile, I still have kept the pink button “People Can’t Wait” from a rally I attended as a reminder to make sure others won’t fall in the same trap I went through 8 years ago.

 I fear the current management at DHHS should be in question. I rarely make such statements of this nature public, but from an individual “on the front lines” I see the destruction to the system. To put this midly, families, individuals and my peers should be on alert, staying vigilant  and possibly be *scared* of the rate of deceleration of BDS and DHHS itself.

 Steven Ayotte

Merrimack, NH