How come there is a such thing as an “Autism Crisis”?

The numbers of people with autistic disorders are now 1 and 50 children. If there are more children being diagnosed (whether or not they are being properly diagnosed is not the scope of this post or site) then how come people are not willing to accept there will be more of us then you?

The high functioning autistics and journalists covering the disorder believes that autism has always existed, meanwhile the anti-vaxxers believe the polar opposite, and joe shome families and individuals (like me) are saying “what about us?” They’re like My child is no longer a baby, they don’t know where they want to go in life. The system says he’s too high functioning to receive services. I never say this out loud, but I’m hopeless.

I’m going to break my rules of avoiding using the “Five Whys” or “Use one of the Five Whys Five Times” and ask:

  • why is the system slow to respond to the Autism Crisis Epidemic?
  • Why is the late 90s of “everything was fine in elementary school but middle and high school brought my child to hell” to this day?
  • School districts and other associated agencies say “We can’t accommodate  this” or “you” or “your child is too high functioning to receive services” while Voc Rehab and the mental health system are not appropriate services. so why the hell is this still continuing?
  • Why are transition plans (if there is a real such thing) that on paper look good, but about 9 times out of 10 end in tragic conclusions (dropping out of high school, unemployed, attempting to kill themselves, etc?)

I went to school in both states, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and I never heard the positive propaganda pushed by the special interests groups in Concord. I’ve dealt with harsh realities. I never believe in the “Safeguards for Children with Disabilities” crap at the last page of my IEP. I lived in New Hampshire but had a Massachusetts IEP, despite what some of my colleagues in the special interests groups state “you have minimal rights when living in New Hampshire”. Well that’s great, but no one follows every law and even the state’s Disability Rights Center can reject complaints.

I’ve been lied to. I’ve been manipulated by “professionals”. I’ve worked with professionals who just “did the job” for 8 hours a day, and never had remorse or guilt when they came home. They had zero business working with special needs, but they got away with it.

There are so many people like me but the system can’t support quality professionals or reasonable laws to protect our rights. There is so much skepticism and scrutiny of not only the funding of services, but the disorder itself. People should’ve cried the “Autism Crisis” warning in 1995, not in 2005 and indefinitely not 2015. What’s more disturbing is this “Autism Crisis”, that resolutions are in humaine types, which were expected (for a minimum) 20 years ago.

We have just moved backwards and not forwards, which is why people need to call a spade a spade, There Is an Autism Crisis in the Granite State!

The Lack of Direct Support Professionals

2017 Update: I still have not found a dedicated DSP outside of my program.

For adults with autism spectrum disorders, at least in my backyard; finding good help is one thing; finding help at all is even worse.

Direct support professionals (also known as DSPs, caretakers, caregivers, respite workers, etc.) is supposed to be a growing trend by 2020. The difference between DSPs and the traditional sense, is there is more standards, competencies and even ethics. While it’s good in the abstract, I find it flawed as the c-suite will continue to possibly hire incompetent managers and continue to operate unethically.

For my case, a simple DSP to take me out for fun to get away from the horrible realities of living with autism in a region regressing in service delivery, oppressive special needs systems, etc, took nearly 6 months from concept to a possible new hire. I went through every professional acquaintances  and – nothing! Even my remaining Massachusetts connections – and no luck!

Is it a case of if its too good to be true then it must be?  or is it “I don’t want to work with an autistic, because they are slow childlike boys- I can’t stand those people.”

You know who I accuse this of? Bad leadership in New Hampshire. Bad training standards (because they are taught to find “flaws” with the individuals, glorify the negativity and dilute any positive abilities of the students or clients.)

What’s worse is the training is hard to come by here in this state with the various conferences relevant to special needs. I blame the Granite State being so desperate, they’ll take out of staters who clearly want to oppress the severely autistics and train future professionals the negativity as the headline and any positives as a footnote.

I’m in my late twenties, and I haven’t been active in any advocacy or became an agent of some change till recent years. But from what I’ve gathered from the outside was that the state’s better years could’ve been the days when the Great Stone Face was still up in Franconia Notch – nearly 12 years to the day. But around 2003, remember, many of them just became of age, or would become of age. So in the days of progress, there were few people on the autism spectrum as adults, as so many were children, and in those days many were suffocating of big heavy smoke of destructive political actions of the leadership of the time.

I feel like its worse living in New Hampshire and with autism than years past! Why are we settling to such a low level? I call this Unanswered questions.

Autism Speaks Can Go Away in NH

On this blog, I will be explaining (in much greater detail unlike the current self-interest groups of autistics) of Autism Speaks, and not only allowing autistics to speak, but how they have sponsored or even have had broadcast journalist or people in the broadcasting business speak about the disorder without good editorial controls.

Autism Speaks is an organization that is prayed upon by many in the Granite State despite only 4% of its annual funding going to the families themselves. Also a state where they believe churches and charity organizations should be funding all special needs individuals.

Well Autism Speaks won’t help with that.

Isn’t a little funny (not ha-ha funny) that an organization that is advocating a ” communication disorder” the ones that actually actually communicate to begin with? Isn’t a little funny (not ha-ha funny) that the people who run this organization worked in a business where it was important  to make sure you didn’t offend the general population (i.e, running a “Big 3” network, or say a large market TV station)?

More will follow with exclusive content you won’t hear from the far left self-interest groups.