WMUR-TV’s Biased Content…

Yesterday on the top of News 9 at Noon,  WMUR-TV Manchester ran a “breaking story” that 6 state employees were arrested for sexual assault; I mean felonious sexual assault at the Sununu* Youth Detention Center, just past the WGIR-AM sticks. Kristin Corrosa was doing her liveshot in “Manchester” near Commercial and Granite (a/k/a outside the station’s balcony if we are not already so stupid to notice!)

*named after our current governor’s father, John H.

It makes me wonder really why the Granite State seems to not have white collared corruption in Concord. Is WMUR-TV insistent that the only offenders are low rank and file employees who have sexual interests? That some hack in Concord who could figuratively screw someone over could also be a felon too? We then report it if it has to do with rape?

Does anyone at the mismanagement there have a flying clue this kind of media they put out give the majority of it’s residents an image of males and guys; and some women are so sensitive to guys and males; that it’s harder to be a guy in the 603 because the FCC keeps giving you a FUCKING license to NOT serve in the “public’s interest?”

Stop treating every man as a sex offender, WMUR-TV! And FFS alive, start investing in enterprise journalism, and stop serving the public McDonalds grade journalism. We should be sick years ago for your reckless journalism!


Video: Running on Empty: The Brain Drain in Local TV News

Produced by two professors at Quinnipiac University in C.T. in 2011, just after the recovery of The Great Recession, this documentary focuses on slow but shallow nature of local news that went to viral video and same day “flash and trash” journalism.  While in 2019, people obsess about D.C. government closures, and other things that aren’t in their back yards, local journalism is on their last legs, and it’s worse than when this was rolled 8 years ago.

You don’t have to study journalism to understand, you could be an observer and understand the stuff. I am on the camp of Brett Shipp, from WFAA where some flashy stories is part of a “media diet”, which he said in this documentary in the end.

Sadly some of the people featured in this documentary had their careers totaled by mismanagement by larger media conglomerates, or their iTeam units cut. And the Belo building in Dallas was sold in 2012 as they sold the TV group to Gannett (later branded as Tegna the following year.) Belo was really big on local journalism, being based in Texas where every damn thing is “big” and yes Belo defined “big journalism”. WFAA had set the national standard in my judgement.

I watched this documentary a few years ago and watched it like a Disney movie, because watching it over and over makes me feel very nostalgic of the days before we got so polarized and were active in our own community’s issues rather than obsessing about the Federal governance.

“Trigger Warning” – it may make you tear up.