Christianity Taking Over State… will The Constitution be under Siege?

“Dang! I’ve not only been persecuted, I’m gettin’ litigated!”

– Jesus Christ sometime in the near future.

 I am a Christian by faith, born as one, baptized as one, a decent of Christianity but I am not a practicing Christian. I know right from wrong. My relationship with God is broken, and my following of Christ is complicated. Ironically, many typical minded Americans who claim to be a “Christian” seem to left their Bibles in some dusty surface, because so many don’t come off as such.

The focus here is on the protestant/Baptist wing of Christianity; since Catholicism, is known to be a centralized, global institution of the Christian faith. The concern is in the last decade, the protestant wing has in a way become centralized; and while thousands and thousands of Baptist churches are not connected as an organization, the messaging itself is kinda blurring the lines between Protestants and Catholics. Either way, it’s turning off American’s core demographic, Pew research notes have indicated steep drops of Americans attending church comparing data from the last 2 decades.

The bottom line is, that The Church will have declare a moral bankruptcy in the Federal court system, and this unique case will probably go to SCOTUS, testing out something I suspect the founding fathers would never had foreseen, the failed nationalization of “The Church”; and testing the First Amendment on the freedom of religion aspect of that bylaw.

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