Mother’s Day and Radical Feminism

I thought I’d express some editorial not on the weekend of Mother’s Day because that would be insensitive.

From what I read a few years back the New York Post ran an editorial stating that the woman (I am forgetting the name) who came up with the day was not a mother and noticed years later that it was over commercialized. This is the classic example of the haves vs. the have-nots.  She wasn’t a mother but noticed from the outside looking in that they were undervalued. Till the days when Hallmark went overboard and made this almost a global holiday for that group.

It’s time to retire the day because afterall it’s commercialized instead. All we are doing is spoiling women for all the wrong reasons.

I still believe fathers are undervalued even more than mothers. I mean look at how Father’s Day always lands during graduation season. Do you think it was coincidence or something else? The cynic in me think’s its the latter not the former. Why would you cramp an appreciation day during a season that’s always going to reoccur, especially on the East Coast?

I mean if we celebrate Mother’s Day, then are we supporting the crazy mothers who write online diaries masqueraded as a “newspaper”? Where do we draw the line? Is it more than just supporting  “mothers”?

Some of this I think lands at radical feminism. This concept is well past “equal pay”, the “equal rights”, or destroying the “man’s world” work environment. I do not like how women are being marginalized; and many women are suppressed to believe in one man’s view or loose their jobs, I’m talking about CNN’s Alysn Camerotta (the only smart blond on the Fox News Channel till they let her go. A recent interview explained her bad experiences at FNC; which is very consistent to other complaints.) Other women in other fields have struggled as well. The radical feminism however, is more destructive than just trying to get the foot at the door because your t–s are in the way. No, its women trying to be like men to get at the door. The “I’m a woman hear me roar” is the most aggressive and even threatening. Men themselves who act like lions or wolves are just as bad. This is why IT departments need to be shut down and the arrogant and cocky IT guys should live in their almost deceased mother’s basement. (And collect state checks.)

I am not saying that women’s gender roles shouldn’t be redefined, it’s their attitude, arrogance, and mindset that is similar to why they hate men the first place; causing adverse effects that would make men go gynophobic or worse – hate them as well. By causing this synthetic hate, then you’re making feminism run out of control.

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