In Memory of the Old SportsCenter

I’ve been doing this stuff on Photoshop as of late

a Photoshop image of a reversed engineered graphic package of SportsCenter from the 1990s retrofitted for HD if they ever went back to their roots
Coming up next on SportsCenter: The Bruins got struck by Lightning in the Gahden
(Notice sexy graphics for the time meeting with gentle, amusing, one liner voice overs of context of hockey, if they kept with this format.)
This is a recreation of the 1 minute intro to the show at the time from 1994 to 1999 designed by me.

Once upon a time in Bristol, Connecticut from the studios of the once known Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, a 6 and 11PM news program called SportsCenter used to air the pre game stories, and a post game highlights on the respective time slots. In the beginning; the show was very stale because in the 1980s cable TV was not a profit making business. Like the Internet and dot-coms, they were loosing or hemorrhaging cash.  Continue reading