Dial-A-Phony: “bvoip”

The next installment of Dial a Phony that-would-be-a-Telephony, but since it rhymes with Melanie, I have to use the former as a title. Today’s focus is a company called “bvoip”. Gotta make sure the case is right for “stylistic” purposes…

This company’s web presence doesn’t really describe what they really offer of the “bloggy” site. (In comparison which this site and The Museum of Telephony  has 20x more static pages than what this company has called my site a “blog” for…)

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Starting soon, since it’s a hip thing lately to shame people who do wrong things (such as lying about defunct companies or industries such as On Premise voice systems being the “end”) as part of the deficiency of the Internet, to CALL THEM OUT in a new feature called Dial a Phony.

Telephony does not work because it’s pronounced like Stephanie. We want to make sure that people are well aware of the proper phonetics.