Ethics Schethics

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The reason why I don’t trust the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals because their own damned speakers have to set boundaries for (excuse the air quotes) “students”! As shown in the screengrab the trainer from the July session clearly stated “Please contact me with any further questions related to direct support professionals, ethics and competencies.” Yeah because I’m going to ask “how’s your love life going?” This is a joke!

Also, this wasn’t intended to be a f—–g letter, nor should had the need to VIOLATE HIS OWN DSP CODE OF ETHICS by insulting MY intelligence!

My gawd and them hacks from Albany? Aren’t they a little ethically challenged?

I blame them for the desensitizing of the human race on that intellectual level.

The next two years will be interesting to see.

(Un)Ethical Standards 101

One of my living nightmares is seeing how people lower on the social totem pole will be getting treated like crap and people on the higher levels of the social totem pole will have 99% zero-accountability.

And the reason why I am saying this is my day program (that I am still in a few hours on a single day x/week) has been changing. I’ve been told my the manager that the program basically has to changed to meet “the State’s” rules for these programs. The abstract is basically smaller groups = more one-on-one = allegedly more accountability to staff.

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Overprotecting Parents – Not Ethical?

I went to a workshop on “Code of Ethics” by a couple (for a lack of a better word) New York State snobs from the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals. There were few things I agree with, many I just found not appropriate for the rank and file. Some staff (even run ins as late as the last month) do act pretty “bossy” and come off as hostile and aggressive.

I do not like a hands-off approach allowing an adult client to do whatever they want, because they have to assimilate to the “real world”. While DSPs (known as “caretakers”, etc.) do have duties to say stop someone from harming themselves to others, the problem is that if we put high standards to the bottom, what happens to the top portion?

I come from organizations (educational collaboratives, school districts, area agencies and day programs) where there is no ethical standards. The lack of ethics were not happening in small 2 people towns, no this was in the largest communities North of Boston and the downstate side of NH. They had no moral duty to protect taxpayers from Waste, Fraud and Abuse from department heads wanting to spend some money but couldn’t explain why because of “confidentiality reasons”. The largest Area Agency in this state for autistics and alike runs a lot like a corporate charity but also runs it like it’s an Enron or a Goldman Sachs, but yet despite the reputation in the inside circles, nothing has been done. The area agency is being the area agency.

Above is a primer to the ongoing discussion of “ethics”, but now I want to turn the focus to overprotecting parents. The ones who will manipulate children to their grave. The ones who will let their kids be “safe” and protect their psyche over their literal safety. How come there is no parenting standards for special needs? Why are parents exempt from ethical standards? How come the “professionals” (like psychologists) will drool over their parent’s inability to let them be free, and just admire them for their parenting when the child was very young. The kid grows up, and the “professionals” continue to drool over years old decent parenting. They don’t care to understand that the child is grown up, and they are so arrogant to understand the mother or father is overprotecting their kids and they think its OK.

Well its not!

If you have more than one kid, its better than having a single child. You have no rights to protect them so much to make them an icicle! All you’re doing is making the kid not wanting to do anything that they think may be too risky then you get upset at the kid of why your kid won’t grow or be challenged.

This is where the professional should be showing the parents the mirror and have their autistic-like tendencies be put into the child’s “3 year eval” since parents have no capability to ruining a kids brain.

Unless the NADSP or some other organization turns the tables of “ethics” away from caretakers and more towards the real threat, the parents, and the corrupt white collared hacks at the local school districts.