Entercom Happens – in an Audacious Matter

Entercom, the second largest radio group (or third depending on the whole Cumulus/Townsquare/threesome is… I honesty lost track) has bascially been a poorly run company. While Boston bad boys like Howie Carr and Kirk Minihane (where the latter is nothing but a prick, a pretty-boy, and is an Arbitron addict, and only cares about ratings) piss on Entercom by name and personally attacking, harassing and the upper level management at the company, Entercom traditionally has dual personality disorder, one wants to make profit, the other cares about the content, or should I say “cares” in air-quotes.

If you got fooled on the week of April Fools, it’s not a joke. The company rebranded into Aducity (rhymes with odyssey – like John Sculley’s 1987 memoir!) I am not making this up; there’s even a YouTube clip of the Top of the Hour airchecks indicating the station is owned by a company that rhymes with a title of a memoir; and WCBS radio had the audacity (no pun intended) to interview David Fields, the long time CEO of Entercom to talk about horrible rebrand.

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Who Do You Love? The Great American Poli Disconnect


Thank you Howie Carr for helping me create this narrative. The above embed is the opening song to start each hour of his radio program. This song is the infamous Who Do You Love by George Thorogood

That very same song I feel is the melody to our political disconnect. While so many compare Presidant Trump to a reality show, politics in general, specifically in the GOP is the reason why I feel there is problems.

The song I posted above was also used in a promotional package for ether Season 11 or 12 of American Idol, post Simon Cowell, where there was more talent, and while the show did tout themselves as a talent competition, there was however a popularity piece, and creative services unit at Fox (that aired the series at that time) felt the way that season went, it was more of fan favorites over the most talented.

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Howie Carr – Boston’s Disgraceful “Media” Talent

So I thought Howie Carr would finally be dumping on Presidant Trump’s really out of line remarks from Russia on Monday… as he would mock libs “Nothing to see here folks… move along”…

But Howie found a story, a puff/fluff/don’t take to literally a story about WBTS (the NBC O&O station) and a few anchors expecting at the same time… Howie took to Twitter…

The shouting on Twitter drives me nuts with the all caps, I am sick and tired of Howie yelling on radio too. And if you never really heard of those “anchors”, How, I suspect it’s because you tune to your non stop shop for entertainment, better known as the Fox News Channel.

It’s so pathetic how Howie has sold himself out to federal politics, and lack of local chatter. And that’s why Howie is a SHADOW OF HIS FORMER SELF!

Howie Carr Sells Out to The Donald

Howie Carr is peddling a new book called What Really Happened of the story of election of President Trump and how he helped get Donald Trump elected. It appears to be a spoof of Hillary Clinton’s What Happened book. I wrote back in March how Howie Carr has lost a lot of local relevance in just the last three years once he left WRKO, initially loosing them as an affiliate, but also to do the show..

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