Denial by the local Disability Rights Center

2017 Preface: The actions by the DRC was yet another lesson I learned about authority, the boundaries and the ability that anyone in Concord (as the DRC is a special interest group) can also talk to their fellow people like children. As I gotten beaten up in 2015, I learned the hard way that authorities are as hard as our state’s bedrock, where the state and local government is also part of the “Granite” State…hehehe!

The DRC gets tons of requests blah, blah, blah is a load of crap. Yeah tell me that when I call them and was rushed like it was my fault for not understanding.

The next consecutive denial in the Merrimack NH Police Department debacle was the legal assistance organization in Concord called the Disability Rights Center. The organization is a delusional special interest group that thinks New Hampshire is still progressive in special needs services, and yet there was no such thing is discrimination and racially biased police departments.

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