I’ve been Laid [Off]

Joe Cathy

Courier Writer

“BLACK” FRIDAY WAS THE FEELING. COLD LOST, AND FILLED WITH ANGER, FRUSTRATION AND FEAR. With the last business day to Christmas, the described “Black Friday” was about facing layoffs of governor-elect Thomas Broderbrick, in his pitch to make “Minibrick State Great Again” mantra, several state agencies with highly bureaucratic power suddenly lost it yesterday. 200 minifigures would learn on Monday, that their last day to report to the State was on Friday. No one in the Governor’s Office or the Transition Office returned our calls or refused to comment. WARN notices required by state Labor laws were issued earlier in the month, and to comply, the MIS government issued another notice for nearly 400 positions would ether be reduced or be dismissed. “The State is trying to clear out the payroll now so by the end of the fiscal year in June, they can say ‘oh hey, we laid off the swamp’ and look we have a surplus, lets pay it back to the taxpayers so we can cut the expenses because we were able to do so!” says Steven Clickford, a manager at the Office of Information Services.

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