Millennials (the enemy), Autistics (the victim) and the Future

As I look 5 years down the road, I really am concerned for my own sake and sanity. The 1 and 50 cases of autism is either over reported or just simply illogical, because even in the 2000s, where there was 1 and 150 cases, people I had gone to grade school with, should’ve had been exposed one or more at least in their own family.

In reality, the town I once grew up are so ignorant. Studies over the last decade show the folks born between 1982 to 1995 that vaccines causes autism, but the studies never showed if they knew anyone who had it.

I’d go so far to say these fucking dead fetuses probably think autism is a disease that can be transmitted through bitting someone else or hitting them.

Sadly, there is no voice right now to focus on average verbal/non verbal/but not super high functioning, and not so morbidly disabled. As I said before, ones in diapers and ones who run away and the alleged geniuses who think ASD is a gift is far between. You put the two together, you probably get 35% of the overall autistic population.

This future is very bleak because if so few do not understand and are quick to write people like me off, this is avalanche that will just snowball and take the average population down with self esteem and extreme depression.

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The Hypocrisy of ASAN

If someone who is not familiar to “autism”, “Autism” or the “Autism Spectrum Disorder”, the ASAN should not be your #1 site to research.

ASAN is clearly a weak organization based on people with a communication disorder with the lack of proper and effective way to deliver the message. It may or may not have anything to do with their autism or it could be that they are hippies, or hippie wannabes and are doing a sucky job.

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Autism Awareness Month – How to Make it Suck Less!

In less than a few weeks, Autism Awareness Month will come in full swing. To make your life easier, I’ll give you an outline of the following to do instead

  • Don’t light your house “Blue” and don’t “walk in red”. Blue is a single color that was created by Autism Speaks, an organization that came 40 years after the Autism Society of America that standardized a 4 color /shaped puzzle piece for autism awareness. The National Autism Association is also a blue colored organization. Red came up by the noisy, obnoxious “self advocates”, who think that autism is a 100% gift that can’t be challenged at all.
  • If it weren’t for Autism Speaks, I probably wouldn’t have a site as they demonize autism.
  • Stop believing in the vaccinations causing autism!
  • Please research Autism Speaks before endorsing them
  • If any government endorses LIUB, they are also endorsing murder (read below) and of such can be consituted for endorsing hate speech
  • Do not observe Worldwide Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd) because it’s a day sponsored by the corporation
  • Always be skeptical of any autism content on NBC Universal owned properties as the founder of Autism Speaks was their longtime chairman.
  • Avoid watching CNBC or MSNBC during the first couple of days as many respect Bob Wright, the founder who wasn’t their boss but a friend which means unobjective questioning.
  • By judging a book by it’s cover Bob Wright’s “Wright Stuff” book to be released by April will probably cover up his “wrong” doings at Autism Speaks (and NBC if you are disgruntled affiliate)
  • Search on YouTube for the decade old Autism Every Day of what Autism Speaks allowed to go to the whole world that was produced by a former Boston TV journalist and please pass it along!
  • Do not focus on children, focus on hopeless verbal adults that are also autistic instead. Children are the minority
  • Learn to ACCEPT, TOLERATE, FORGIVE, LOVE and UNDERSTAND ALL individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Autistics aren’t looking for just a job to be scared working, they also want a diverse lifestyle (not heard often by the self described “self advocates”

This is just a brief sample of what you can do to make April suck less