Women Avoiding Their Lane (Women Speaking on Men’s Issues) – Brittney Sellner

Brittney Sellner, an American YouTuber is part of this alt-right movement, of populism over facts, and using emotions to scare her audience. Ironically masculine men would preach “facts over emotions”. I guess that applies if the person is a philosophical  (or a “liberal”) person. But it’s a female not a masculine men that is preaching unhealthy information. She was born in America in 1992 (makes her a younger Millenial… which means she’s not only self-centered, but considered to be dumber than her older counterparts.) She married an Austrian (via the fan Wiki sites – a groom with Neo-Nazi ties… going to leave it at that. The reader should now know how bad she is.)

Her editing is lousy. It’s often shot on a webcam, and cut every five seconds as if she was talking for over an hour. Her dB reads are often very hot, peaking at 11 in most videos. Her anger and fast talking really causes a passerby to get highly anxious. Two of the most absurd videos of late was her views on sexuality…

According to her logic, “the media” and our culture is “obsessed”. When you cut her self-pimping book, this goes down faster than 8 minutes. If you have low tolerance, I’ll just give you the jist:

  • Uses celebrities as the scapegoat for the hyper-sexualizing “in the last few decades a-ago” – is she implying like 5 since the 1960s?
  • Bashes OnlyFans, which is a niche platform to pay to view more raunchier content
  • Refers to the Kardashians phonetically as “Kardashins”. Wow is she living in Austria?
  • “Its the norm to be hyper sexual”
  • She tries to talk like a non-American intellectual by phonetically saying “ta-boo”, and “Holy-wood”. (Her backdrop on her YouTube looks like it was taken in Austria… need I say more?)
  • Starts to throw porn under the bus (claims that “inceset-porn” is on the rise)
  • She starts to make unreferenced claims about a rise of PornHub… OK???
  • She attacks the music industry’s sexualization
  • “Once a ta-boo [sic] is normalized…and people need to take it a step further”
  • Claims porn is destructive to society, but yet rhetoric isn’t?
  • 9:25 she goes way down… wait for it…uses some Vice News articles to back that up.

Still porn apparently is hurting society and yet POTUS Trump, Mr. Holier Than Thou was completely morally perfect in his governance. Makes a lot of sense.