On the lack of remembering PostScript

Once upon a time I had digitized my school records from the early 1990s. Because of the condition I live with I had entered school 3 years earlier than my peers. There was no public kindergarden at the time, though some students that had a very mild condition skeedaddied through the system at the price of other critical students.

As many kids in SPED would remember, their needs were reevaluated every 3 years (or so…depending on the student’s compliance.) Some of the evals were really lengthy, and apparently detailed and technical, of which could’ve been the reason why I am a walking stigma because of how others would perceive me.

The early days of my life is well documented, but the documentation itself looked very standard, but in reality it wasn’t. If a student was in SPED in the 1980s, their documentation would’ve either been typewritten or done on some electronic word processor (almost slipped with a “word pressed”!) In my early years, I actually was a student of the PC-culture, that is DOS and Intel machines.

All my paperwork looked like it was done on a fancy computer. In reality (except from the case manager and program manager – of which used Macintoshes) it was DOS and WordPerfect. I know on the SAU side, they had WordPerfect, some of the various evaluators may had used MS Word – for DOS.

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