Personal and Emotional Styles

Some people may be wondering why I am so open with my personal life in such an emotional tone? Maybe it’s because I am able to express my thoughts through emotions. Am I being to vulernable? I don’t that’s my place, nor would I admit to it. The Hopeless Autistic was mostly raw, and highly emotional and it was published before I had weekly therapy for more than 5 years on a weekly basis, until recently. When #LondonderryNHExposed began production, a lot of the narrative was repeated from the Hopeless works but with more control, despite all the SHTF during COVID19.

There has been a standing policy that named family would be off limits, and I would rarely refer to people by name, and be careful not to come off inflammatory in the content.

Anyways, I don’t want to say I am too personal, but I can be emotional.