Remote Studio Production

Go Virtual

Look professional and allow us to do the heavy lifting. At Clickford Media Services, contact us for remote studio production. You give us video feeds, we can give the world your voice

  • High speed ISP from Comcast (soon with a Business Class SLA)
  • High powered 2012 Mac mini workstation (16GB RAM, 1 TB HD, 8 TB ancillary HD and 1 gig Ethernet)
  • Open Broadcast Studio
  • Skype, Zoom and Facetime input
  • DIY Telephone hybrid for remote calls
  • Post Editing with Final Cut Pro 7, AVID Media Composer
  • MPEG 4 authoring for uploads and other distributions.


Standard MPEG4 recording comes standard in all packages with a 30 day retention of original recording.

Pre Production/Consulting:          $59

One Feed with one graphic “bug” per hour $49

Two feeds, with graphics, per hour $69

Multiple feeds or singular feed with effects, video playback, etc: $59

Guest phoners: $1.99 per minute plus additional costs if long distance or out of region calling is used (using POTS connectivity)

Editing: same day/24 hours: $199

Editing: same week 5 business days $69

Authoring, SD/DVD, Disk: $39 per unit