Live Streaming Services

For remote productions, CliMG is now providing basic live streams with the Vimeo/Livestream service.

Using the Livestream Broadcaster Pro;  we can encode up to 3mpbs from the field back to base to record live events with the ability to add live productions from the field.

The Livestream Broadcaster Pro is a

  •  red colored box (the original brand from Livestream)
  • with a Fast Ethernet (10/100mpbs) speed
  • with a 802.11 (WiFi) connectivity
  • and a bonded cellular connection with it’s USB port
  • A battery operation that lasts roughly an hour on a moderate load
  • Supports our existing acquisition equipment

Contact CliMS for availability. and pre event planning, and whether you want a remote production back at base. (Because of COVID 19- this currently is the only Remote Production operation we can safely operate)

Basic streaming from the camera: $49.00 x/ hr

Streaming from Camera with studio production: $129.00 x/hr