WordPress’ Gutenberg… a Piece of CRAP!

I am thankful I moved over to my own platforms almost a couple years ago. I am pretty good in my cyber hygiene to prevent hackers from taking the sites down.

Gutenberg, if you are not familiar is a user interface to add content onto WordPress sites, or blogs. The UI is complex as hell, despite it’s simplicity.

It’s designed for a mobile-first world, but it conflicts with a bunch of white space in it’s interface. It’s aim is to prevent clutter, but yet, everything is spaced out. What if I am not interested in using touch interfaces? What if I do not want this to be running on my MacBook because it taxes on the CPU resources? Does anyone realize that these “responsive” interfaces that detects if you are using a desktop or a tablet actually draws more resources because it reality the computer, the web browser is doing a “reaction” to re-arrange the interface to fit to what screen is being used? Does anyone realize that’s what it is basically?

They claim this is minimal? Does anyone realize how much code it’s drawing off on?

I bet there will be a religious war of what platform is better the classic WP-admin or Gutenberg.

I am fed up with consumer-friendly fluff that doesn’t reflect the productive people in society and I could care less about vloggers who aren’t professional enough to be using a not so pretty interface. Thank you 2-bit losers.


Derry Medical Center… the DMV of PCPs?

I have been with Derry Medical Center (or whatever it’s called now DMC in Southern New Hampshire) for a number of years. I’ve noticed subtle to major changes over the time I had seen my primary care provider. Since the mid 2010s… going to DMC is like going to a hacked up DMV…

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Merrimack’s 2021 “Election Day” – is this the Death Sentence to Municipal Democracy?

Merrimack, New Hampshire is a unique town because they are the only municipality that has “elections” outside of First Tuesday of November and the Second Tuesday of March for Town Meeting or officially the “Deliberative Session” type of election or better known by “SB2”, the second article proposed in the New Hampshire Senate season* in the mid 1990s (’95 if I am not mistaken.)

*that is not a misspelling, I like to call the budget period a “season” and most of the issues debated last about 3 months, even if the General Court hangs into late May for budget matters on the odd years.

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[Wikipedia Link banned by Facebook…]

demagogue /ˈdɛməɡɒɡ/ (from Greek δημαγωγός, a popular leader, a leader of a mob, from δῆμος, people, populace, the commons + ἀγωγός leading, leader)[1] or rabble-rouser[2][3] in contemporary usage is a leader who gains popularity by exploiting emotions, prejudice, hatred, and ignorance to arouse the common people against elites, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation.[1][4] Demagogues overturn established norms of political conduct, or promise or threaten to do so.[5] Demagogues frequently present themselves as populists, to the point where “populism” itself has now acquired a negative connotation.

Historian Reinhard Luthin defined demagogue as “…a politician skilled in oratory, flattery and invective; evasive in discussing vital issues; promising everything to everybody; appealing to the passions rather than the reason of the public; and arousing racial, religious, and class prejudices – a man whose lust for power without recourse to principle leads him to seek to become a master of the masses. He has for centuries practiced his profession of ‘man of the people’. He is a product of a political tradition nearly as old as western civilization itself.”[6]

Demagogues have appeared in democracies since ancient Athens, where the word did not originally have a negative connotation. They exploit a fundamental weakness in democracy: because ultimate power is held by the people, it is possible for the people to give that power to someone who appeals to the lowest common denominator of a large segment of the population.[7] Demagogues usually advocate immediate, forceful action to address a crisis while accusing moderate and thoughtful opponents of weakness or disloyalty. If elected to high executive office, demagogues typically unravel constitutional limits on executive power and attempt to convert their democracy into an authoritarian system, even a dictatorship.

This is what America is up against since the days following Election Day.

If you dispute this as fact; then there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

Is “AKA” a Professional Phrase? NO IT IS NOT!

I am getting really tired of this startup, bro culture of scruffy guys who can’t tie a goddamned tie anymore.  Screw the hoodies, and the peer-language and nerdy words in the mainstream.

So how in the hell can “aka”, “a/k/a”, “AKA” that means “Also Known As” be unprofessional?

Because it’s slang! It’s as if you talk to your friend! AKA is synonymous with an “alias” in case you didn’t know. But I don’t like hearing it because it often comes from a nerd who is trying to be cool but he’s trying too hard. Also it comes off condescending, often pushy and aggressive and trying to win a debate. It’s quite often the male culture  to push, and convert, and if you don’t like his views, he’ll keep on pushing. Like how he want’s to get a girl to have sex, and he just rapes her…

I find this AKA even on install screens to Linux. Do these coders NOT know to use parenthesis? Oh I get it, these nerds are hyper focused on coding, that if you use parenthesis, it will mess up their workflow from coding vs graphic design! Perhaps that’s why they have to speak in flat tone because if you use a “question mark” in writing, they’ll do the same in coding which would screw up a program!

I am on a trend to gut guys balls and hold these bros accountable. I hate frat boys, I hate coders, I hate guys who are lazy, I HATE MEN!!! WRITE MORE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL AND PERHAPS I WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY!


I’ve already expressed my views on politics in previous cycles, but lately it drives me nuts.

It’s also hard to talk about deep issues to family as well.

I am extremely fed up with the polarized society, that is not of the U.S., but New Hampshire specifically. It’s also not a Democrat or Republican issue. It’s actually more of the culture of #NHpolitics (since #NHpoli is too sexy of a hashtag like neighboring states…)

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I disconnected from the World… and I don’t miss it

After a stressful week, I said “Eff it, I’m done, I’m turning every devices off for the weekend”. Except for the MacBook, and if it weren’t for the thunderstorms Friday night, I would’ve kept the Mac mini on, I had for all intensive purposes disconnected. And except for Saturday to have my mother be in touch with me, but essentially email, voice and social media was not on my priorities. I am conquering a mess of clutter of paperwork and unorganized stuff that if you got “little things” they pile up very quickly. I also struck out on Saturday not finding anything of value at Michael’s to use a coupon that was in last weeks Sunday News. I was also planning to read some self help books I got over the course of June, but got tied up trying to wrangle the mess of micro clutter.

After this weekend, sometimes you wonder if America was better off breaking up the Bell System all in the name of special snowflake’s narrowed interest of “innovation”.

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Oh how I love you VMware. You love to make my life frustrating as hell somedays. But then what else am I supposed to use for “Type 2 Hypervisor” (you know the one with the basic operating system designed to run virtual machine files?) KVM is a joke, would I really want to use Xen? * laughs * I guess Promoux could be another option, but that’s like a Lego kit without directions.A And there is no Type 2 (if I am not mistaken) hypervisor for VirtualBox. So yeah, I’m stuck with these nitwits!

New Hampshire’s Growing Racism (amongst all)

Starbucks closed stores late afternoon in all locations in the US for a sensitivity training, as reported by the media for months now.

However, the government known as the State of New Hampshire, a controlling, micromanaging dictatorship form of bureaucracy, where department heads cannot be contacted by citizens (unwritten rule), and questioning them (is an unwritten rule of harassment to government employees) mixed in with RACIST and ABLEIST police officers and chiefs of police with ZERO respect to anyone who doesn’t share their same skin color.

While racism and ableism can be a strong word, let’s just say that many of our governments, of the two hundred in this state with water companies, school districts, counties, cities and towns, as well as 40 state agencies, that discrimination and prejudice is discriminatory. They fear because someone see things differently or doesn’t talk in the most clearest English or doesn’t share the same skin tone, or makes the same amount of money that they shall be damned, disrespected, and worse if it’s a police force, to punish them.

New Hampshire does not like diversity. And notice how I have not mentioned Republicans (which is the majority that sets this logic) but my liberal peers are just as evil. I sometimes think our leftists have little tolerance to anyone who isn’t like them.

Sadly given this is a discussion on the public sector, it’s also highly disturbing that in emails, that is protected under RSA 91a, that people will willingly discriminate, and shut out voices in public records.

The state (I mean any government below Federal) is so controlling, so micro managing, and so discriminating, and prejudicial, it’s really disgusting. New Hampshire makes people whose not
“normal” (whatever that means) make them very sick. No matter why so many are leaving the state in droves with people between 25 to 34…


Rick Santorum’s and the GOP’s Medical Emergency

Ex Senator Rick Santorum is at it again. Suffering with yet another foot to mouth disease, he went on CNN’s State of the Union, the day after the March for Our Lives, the arrogant Republican from suggested the young people “take a CPR class” instead “looking to someone else to solve their problems.”

It’s widely assumed on social media he was referring to cardiopulmonary recusication, and not something like the tagline of the NYPD for Community, Professionalism and Respect.  This is the same nitwit who compared many years ago to same sex marriage as “man-on-dog-sex” and a boatload of other stupid statements.

The irony is that this looser is stuck in the 1980s when barely a fraction of people other than first responders, and medical professionals that were trained in such and in some districts, it’s a required lesson. In fact, there is probably more youngsters taught then he wants to believe.

The other irony is if there is a mass casualty attack from assault weapons, CPR won’t save them. Also, some recommend not to preform CPR in a mass causality event, because it could be insensitive to save one, but delay another. Maybe he forgets, that living in a civilian life, that you don’t pound on someones chest for revival if anyone goes down – like I dunno the military? Or at least that’s what I see on TV shows when anyone gets shot out there on the front lines, go to right to compressions, even if they barely have a pulse. Because in the military, CPR will save lives!

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