Is America Systematically Narcissistic? Should *We* be Concerned?

Last night, I believe a guest on Greater Boston had mentioned that the President Trump voters had elected a narcissist and that it reflected on his voters for having narcissism.

What a feedback loop! This is what the GOP has been for over a decade, and the Tea Party in itself has been as well. No one ever seems to take any humility or accountability, or responsibility of any error. Remember “no fault of their own” when POTUS Trump used to say during the CARES Act? Ironically the small business “owners” is so arrogant to take some accountability of mitigation; and snatch those funds to those who had tried to flatten the curve in the first place.

That guest is so right on. I learned during COVID, the true colors of the Red party. It’s all-about-me, my-party, my-president, my-[view of how my] country is. It’s always the “dummycrats” that can’t seem to do anything right… GOP members are the good-innocent-people. Right-wings ar are correctly right, anyone left, must be crookedly wrong.

FFS look at Sean fucking Hannity; verbally assaults President Bide block after block; night after night, by making every nickname possible to harm his political career. For Cripes Sakes alive, his ol liberal sidekick, Alan Colmes must be rolling over his grave. Those two were best friends, and to show how much class has been lost, Colmes last words he said to Hannity, how would his wife, Monica Crowley survive without him? A legendary voice in political broadcasting cared more about his soon to be widow than himself!  A freggin leftie that actually gave a shit about the people he cared about after his life would end! Wonder if Rush Limbaugh felt the same… no wait he’s always been a narcissist!

Did Sean really throw away his sanity?

Then I walked by in earshot of The Five today, and I heard the pretty-boy host, Jesse Watters defending “toxic work cultures” as a form of “competitive workplaces”. This is the same Jesse who interned, and later worked for Bill O’Reilly who had been in a center of some severe sexual harassment claims. The same dick who cheated on his married woman, to later divorce and marry that same girl he cheated on, closer to said biological age than him or his first wife.

Back to my point: the party of personal responsibility, the party accountability, the party of Americans not America, the party of selflessness? These core-valued people made so many of decent, suburban male centrists like me begging the question of where the fuck is my political home? I am so politically homeless! These motherfucking dicks burnt the house they could barely build themselves! 

Oh for anyone who was wondering what happened to the Tea Party, Donald Trump did an LBO around 2015, then maybe for a while we were auditory hearing “T Party” instead as Trump cheapened to brand to save a few letters, and the remaining moral value of the “Tea Party” then just bankrupted the whole thing leading to the mess on January 6th.

Oh what a decade it’s been.

On Outside Broadcast Trailers… IT’S SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

Today is a big day here in America, where the most popular final playoff game for the NFL ends today. Ironically one of the winning conferences will be playing in their home turf – a tradition that rarely happens (if at all.) Will I be rooting for the Bucs? Maybe not. I think it’s time for Tom to retire. I also do not have much faith with Rob Gronkowski; who like to play when he feels like it. I can say this cuz I watched many of the Tampa Bay games this season. (And I really don’t care for Fox’s coverage of the NFC games… leave it at that.)

But anyways… CBS is touting a lot of fancy hardware for this year’s Super Bowl. This year, they’re playing on the cinema route, making use of 4K and 8K… quoting TV Technology

“In total, CBS says that it will have more than 120 cameras placed throughout the stadium, including 12 4K and 8K cameras to capture close-up shots during the game. The 4K cameras will be controlled robotically from the stadium concourse levels, while two Sony 8K cameras will be fixed on robotic gimbals from the lower field.”

Citing COVID-19 as the reason where “alternative production facilities” will be the method in producing the event; which means there will be many sterilized spaces  on West 57th St. in Manhattan at the CBS Broadcast Center… which tells me a lot of things. I have 3 points to make:

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The News With Shepard Smith Begins Tonight… Predictions

It was Gram’s 79th birthday last year, October 11th, a Friday fall afternoon. 3:59 pm Eastern Time. I am having a late lunch. I can hear the TV in the dining room of which Gram is watching. I hear context of self-reflection. I also hear something about contracts and leaving. I literally run to the living room and saw the abnormal closing of Shepard Smith Reports on the Fox News Channel; using my ears, I knew he was gone. Both of us looked puzzled Because our box has a DVR, I rewound back 2 minutes before to see it again. This time, we see the leadup to to Neil Cauvto who went like “wola” and was felt he was thrown under the bus. In fact when you see the last jib cam shot, you see a group of people on an Avaya phone almost like coordinating his shadowed exit. 

Ironically Emily Rooney’s show on WGBH was on tape that evening because it was the upcoming Columbus Day Weekend. Did the panel follow up and made a segment the following Friday? Nope!  Not to mention in January she made a remark confused of where he was on the channel. I said he left on the week y’all off! Brian Steltzer had a tingle in his eye when the news broke at CNN.

Nevertheless Shep’s disappearance (whether you like him or not, whether or not you like his politics or whether or not you approve of his sexuality) was a huge void missing in cable, of which I am pointing to YOU COVID19 and POTUS & Friends! The news of Shep moving to CNBC was announced in mid to late summer and promos are running on CNBC’s air this week. His show begins tonight 7:00 Eastern on CNBC.

My predictions:

  • If you wanted balance and stable coverage on COVID19, Shep is the go-to guy. If you were missing better coverage, Shep being off the air didn’t help
  • There will most likely be some business and market coverage. That 7:00 ET slot had been reserved for emergent market events; and Shep can do that either on his own or help with his new CNBC team
  • Will Shep chase the storms in studio or in the field? That may not be out of the realm of possibilities.
  • This may not occur, but CNBC is due for a massive rebrand….way overdue. Because the dark blue colors of graphics and set have gone for too long. In fact in it’s 31 years, nearly half of it has been around dark blue/black; whether it’s graphics or sets and/or both. CNBC’s history has not had many years had vibrant colors. Their current studios is roughly 17 years old, and for at least 15 years, CNBC has had a lot of dark backdrops and lighting in the largest part of the building, the newsroom. You can’t tell me that it’s growing mold and other elements of sick building syndrome, which actually what SBS stands for.

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