The FCC’s Brutal Regulation to Enterprise

Should the Internet, regulating Facebook (Messenger) be next?

If I am in a desperate situation, I should be able to type “911” on my Messenger screen and connect to my local Public Safety Answering Point because Facebook knows exactly where I live right?

At this point your desk phone will most likely get more punishment than say WMUR-TV Manchester getting their license nixed in the coming year.

The Federal Communications Commission is pushing another mandatory obedience to 9-1-1 call tracing, and if you thought Kari’s Law was bad, wait till you hear Ray Baum’s Act. This forces anyone with a phone system (like a PBX or a Key system) to provide detailed information. If you are a small creative office with no weird cubicle numbers, you may need to add C1021524BC-AD at the way I’ve read the law. Some enterprises are on the 3rd floor in a different suite, the reason why the telco carriers do not have this in their 9-1-1 database that is only activated when a 9-1-1 call is placed and forwarded to the PSAP is amusing.

Hell if I don’t give PayPal my specific location for a package, may not get the Buyers Victimization Program Protection! (Oh sorry “Buyer Protection Program”.)

In the days where little Gen. Colon Powell’s little kid, Michael ran the FCC, the spirit of Voice over IP and 9-1-1 routing was a hands off approach. In reality, prior to the Kari Hunt incident of 2013, they were even more closer to having general consensus on how 91-1-1 calls on private property would work.

(And when you prefer the boys club like him today… that shows you how extreme the FCC has lost it, refusing in the spirit of protecting America’s radiowaves.) The problem is that the younger Powell running the FCC under a Republican admin, like the GOP in general, was the party of yesteryear. When Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act had been developed, a political style was developing: White Grievance. Another obs was narcissism (not taking personal responsibility of situational awareness), entitlement (the expectation “9-1-1” should be the only number even in a private property), and scapegoating (the PBX/MLTS was the one that really killed Kari) not a man of which previous accounts described their relationship as “estranged” and the motel meetup was “arraigned” and the brutal murder of “Hunt-Dunn” (Cisco refers her as hyphenated surname) was never the fault of the killer, of which local media reported he got 99 years in prison and despite The Spirit of Texas’ strong views on capital punishment, he’ll be locked up instead.

But… Multi Line Telephone Systems, Key Telephone Systems, whether they are digital or TDM or VOIP based, were the ones that killed Kari and delayed in saving the live of Ray Baum.

The parent company of Kensington should make millions and billions to put their signature “locks” on many of the VOIP phones not to be snatched, but ensure that 9-1-1 will get the right room, cube or desk space because not all phone systems have the ability to be user based not extension based. For instance Avaya treats extensions numbers as users, so if a person “hot desks” they don’t have to literally move their phone, whereas Cisco, Polycom and other hard phones have the extension number hardened to the phone device itself which makes moving cubes easier, but the information that may identify them in a time of crisis harder. But Avaya was the Official Sponsor of Kari’s Law and they declared bankruptcy a year before it got signed into law by POTUS Trump and company has never been the same since.

It’s sad to see chauvinism in technology worsen over time like how a narcissistic creep that don’t age really well. This is the FCC. And I am not holding my breath for the FCC to go back in their lane and rip WMUR-TV’s license once and for all with their alleged news product Newsnine of which they spend more time acting like a fascist media outlet and never covering the stories in their City of License. Or hell WZID (FM) focusing on the 51% of the menopause to death female audience and indirectly boxing men in the 603. But talking about broadcast media, should be in it’s own post instead.

I admit… I misunderstood Generation X

Knowing a lot of people even though I am quirky… years later I am now confessing how I misread Generation X. My executive summary of said generation was for many years…

The stereotypical “latchkey generation” the generation of toughness, resiliency, throw the toys literally upon turning 18, but get rebellious in their 20s, return to adulthood by the 30s. Massive consumption of MTV when it aired music. They related to their real-personas when The Real World aired on the same said network. They created the first wave of the dot-coms and the related technologies.


Now I stand corrected and now my executive summary is this:

These people, roughly 50 to 60 million Americans live in the past, 1980s and their Silent Generation parents from the 1950s. They believed in the spirit of civil rights, but assumed we lived in a post divided culture. Despite said generation being the creators of the first wave of the Web and related technologies, they are in the minority, many GenXers are scared of technology, they are scared of science, history and other skillsets because many didn’t go or finish college. As they age, they brag about their pride of simplicity, admiring it as if it’s the present. They are “raw” in personality and language over being “real”.  They insult Millennials of acting immature, but Gen X are the most commonly aged people known as having “Karen moments” that makes for good YouTube porn. They have entitlements their kids are going to be happy and healthy, and when they don’t, they blame Big Pharma and refuse to accept neurological differences of their autistic children. They refuse to admit they are overprotecting their offsprings to such an obscene level. Gen Z is blamed for everything second to Millennials, but whose the real grown up?

Lastly I would end with

People of Generation X age appeared to be the average groups of people creating criminal acts on the 6th day after the New Year at The Capital basically canceling out maturity, emotional intelligence and extreme, but malignant narcissism – an extreme that can’t be defined in the Boomers and Millennials combined.

This is going to be long 40 to 50 years as the loudest minority continue to make ruckus to civic engagement. You want to rather live under a rock instead.

Is Gen Z’s At Fault for Feeling Isolated by Culture and Tech?

Gen Z (the folks born after 1995) are totally connected than any other generation before, even if they are not technically ept in terms of the components of computing, networking etc.

This is also the same generation that has a higher suicide rate than previous generations, and despite their parents (the infamous GenXers whose pride was adulting at an earlier age); GenZers are not driving or getting a car right at 16.

GenZers are also exposed to the same GenXers, the same parents who are the Karen-types; and this generation are extremely overprotective. These people are anti-progressives, they are anti maskers, anti vaxxers, anti science, and anti anything after 1989.

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Modern Day Gen-X, the “Karens” are the Threat to Democracy

(GenX on Democratic societies: Democrats are evil people, “AOC and the Squad” will turn America into a Marxist society. I don’t know about you, how did this “Karen” complete High Schoo, the dialog was about governance, not a party can they tell “democratic” or “democracy” vs the DNC apart?)

If you look at demographics how POTUS Trump got elected, the age ranges was fifty plus. this goes right to Gen-Xers and likely their parents (if they are still alive, the Silents.) The youngest people on the Fox News Channel (or hell the Fox Business Network) is north of 40, which gets you to Gen-X too.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Karen” name was a nickname of Gen-Xers as a caricature of an middle age female who is clueless of a modern day society and is not really attractive on personality or looks. The “Karens” feel yet again forgotten, as these blue collared workers lost their jobs for a number of reasons, but yet refuse to retrain themselves. They strongly believe in freedom, but neglect what responsibilities means. They laughed at millennials when Hillary lost as they would say “suck it up buttercup” (a signature trait of Gen-Xers is maturity, resiliency, and moving on.) Gen-Xers typically are the throw-away-the-toys at 18, teenage rebellious years ends at 19, “act like an adult” (Been directly told that by many Gen-Xers). Gen-Xers also instructed their children to obey authority and have an orderly life.

Gen-Xers by 2020 was more Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do

Gen-Xers  (and the remaining Silents) felt “robbed” yet again when Donnie Boy Trump didn’t get elected because of a poorly run relection campaign. The world was against them – personally. For whatever reason it was “AOC and The Squads” fault, or gawd forbid Nancy Pelosi. They rebelled authority during the pandemic, their self reliency pushed themselves to DIY-research and even if they are not qualified to speak on a subject (like public health and medicine.) The throw-away-the-toys-at-18 folks were acting like the high school clique of The Class of 1986 instead!

The Tea Party of 2010 vs. January 6th

When I was 23 when the first wave of the Tea Party made their way to the National Mall, I was unable to get a read on these people. These people came and went as if they were never there. (as an aside: I never call these people “racists” per se, but I do think they have high xenophobia and I can say many of these people don’t even know that’s even a word; but these one-issue voters were exploding like wildfire with again this Silent>Gen-X path.)

In a decade, the good-behavior became something of like real life Morton Downey in a large scale. Sorry Mort, may you rest in peace…nor should he or the show be the reason because this was a boiling pot waiting to explode in this gap between the Boomers and Millennials.

With Jan 6th, many of the people who weren’t swiftly arrested unlike other groups of people, were between older age to middle age. These same people who I think have more dangerous narcissism than the Boomers (that had been known notoriously for that)  they were quick within minutes after the breach to blame a leftist group, to then blame other groups and agencies and as of November 2021, none of these people ever want to take responsibility. In a serious tone. To them it’s just a tragedy on a single day and we must just keep this day in the past, but lead to this was these bratty Middle Children-like personas that in reality they do not have any resiliency or suck-it-up attitude at all anymore.

Gen-Xers, “Karens” is a new threat

Fringe groups I will refuse to name, “Karens” refusing to vaccinate, and using “Culture Wars” to attack school boards on issues like CRT, again prior to 2021, CRT stood for Cathode Ray Tube, for those ol TV sets; now it’s Critical Race Theory and apparently it’s code for commies and Marxist agendas, and yet these Gen-Xers cannot cite any references or sources to confirm it, believes in Q (no, I am not talking about Capt. Picard’s enemy in Star Trek TNG). The Gen-Xers and mama-bears, and other alarming individuals think our country is on Defcon 7, the world (as they know it) is disappearing, and their damages, vindictive personalities, playing politics like it’s a pretend game, is really going to make our country fall apart faster than the Boomers was feared to do.

These 50 million misfits in America are a minority who thinks they can impose a majority-rule, restricting voting, allowing men to decide what women should do with their reproductive system, banning LGBTQ implicitly or explicitly, control their kids and retaining their youth to their child’s grave, the generation of personal responsibility is an oxymoron. They are choosing to whine and cry like fucking children. Where are the adults in the room?

Couldn’t resist without closing from a film that Gen-Xers can relate to.


Post-Strange-States Election Day

There was some state level elections yesterday in states who think they can be like cities and run local elections on odd ears. Regardless I know what’s going on, and I carry on. It reminds me of 2010 when the Tea Party made their first rounds in politics. As I recall those days, anyone who felt they could get involved, even if they weren’t even qualified to be in office, could get elected. Thank you Ted Cruz and other airheads who from that era started to not make “a revolution” but a serious regression of trivializing politics to become a high school clique network.

That is the lone reason why I do not give The Tea Party any respect, not because they are “racists”, because they got elected on single-policies, with empty results. 

While at the same time the start of 2021, CRT may meant Cathode Ray Tube, though by September, it had a second meaning, Critical Race Theory. I am not going to go into specifics if CRT is good or bad, I think certain ideals should be taken several looks before reacting. The Karens (or should I say “Mama Bears”), and I am quoting ones who appeared on FNC! Loudion County is yet the epicenter of outrage from these mama and papa bears who are overprotecting their kid’s intelligence based on heresy and fear.  Yes, I’ve heard some of the books the mama bears want to ban, but I do not know the context, yes it’s provocative, but is it intended to be bad for the kids, or dare I say a teachable lesson with perverted acts that some see as such? 

It’s not a discussion, it’s just these Gen-Xers whining like children and wanting to get their way. They are “too busy” to take time out of their busy lives to go to their PTA (or in some places PTO) and get involved in that proper channel, they are abusing the channels to bitch about their narrowed-view.

Hey why don’t these parents take the time to meet their teacher than the board of directors of the school system? Isn’t this said generation to follow “chain of command”?

I cannot stress further that I am really disgusted on how public discourse and dialogue has gone so deep and shallow. This was what I feared if The Tea Party was going to rise, full frontal assault to local democracy. As many of you know Donald Trump did hostile takeover of The Tea Party, and dropped the “e” and “a” in “Tea” and made it indirectly the “T” Party, “T” for “Trump”. But Trump, the Donald, is on the level of the Tea Party, of if Joe the Truck Driver can run government the way he runs is one man band trucking company, then it’s that simple huh?

So why in the last decade The Tea Party members picking fights if they think it’s so easy? Apparently it’s not that easy and they aren’t doing the right thing by stepping down and letting someone else that can do the job. So much for being a libertarian!