Millennials (the enemy), Autistics (the victim) and the Future

As I look 5 years down the road, I really am concerned for my own sake and sanity. The 1 and 50 cases of autism is either over reported or just simply illogical, because even in the 2000s, where there was 1 and 150 cases, people I had gone to grade school with, should’ve had been exposed one or more at least in their own family.

In reality, the town I once grew up are so ignorant. Studies over the last decade show the folks born between 1982 to 1995 that vaccines causes autism, but the studies never showed if they knew anyone who had it.

I’d go so far to say these fucking dead fetuses probably think autism is a disease that can be transmitted through bitting someone else or hitting them.

Sadly, there is no voice right now to focus on average verbal/non verbal/but not super high functioning, and not so morbidly disabled. As I said before, ones in diapers and ones who run away and the alleged geniuses who think ASD is a gift is far between. You put the two together, you probably get 35% of the overall autistic population.

This future is very bleak because if so few do not understand and are quick to write people like me off, this is avalanche that will just snowball and take the average population down with self esteem and extreme depression.

Look at the comment behind #LondonderryLoveStory, I was completely wrong, that individual was completely right.

The expert on ASD would do seminars on the most sensitive issue by explicitly excluding individuals who have the fucking condition themselves. (read: Let’s Talk the Worst Shit of your mature Student or Child in a Private Venue”)

Speaking of her, I can never forgive the Fraud on Broad.

Who will help speak for me, and my group in a sexy, fun, forgiving, supporting manner not just a plain person from within? I give up on that.


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