WordPress’ Gutenberg… a Piece of CRAP!

I am thankful I moved over to my own platforms almost a couple years ago. I am pretty good in my cyber hygiene to prevent hackers from taking the sites down.

Gutenberg, if you are not familiar is a user interface to add content onto WordPress sites, or blogs. The UI is complex as hell, despite it’s simplicity.

It’s designed for a mobile-first world, but it conflicts with a bunch of white space in it’s interface. It’s aim is to prevent clutter, but yet, everything is spaced out. What if I am not interested in using touch interfaces? What if I do not want this to be running on my MacBook because it taxes on the CPU resources? Does anyone realize that these “responsive” interfaces that detects if you are using a desktop or a tablet actually draws more resources because it reality the computer, the web browser is doing a “reaction” to re-arrange the interface to fit to what screen is being used? Does anyone realize that’s what it is basically?

They claim this is minimal? Does anyone realize how much code it’s drawing off on?

I bet there will be a religious war of what platform is better the classic WP-admin or Gutenberg.

I am fed up with consumer-friendly fluff that doesn’t reflect the productive people in society and I could care less about vloggers who aren’t professional enough to be using a not so pretty interface. Thank you 2-bit losers.