The F-Word… “Family”

We have come a long way from the days of the perfect nuclear family of the heterosexual Caucasian male, female, and two children, and a dog or a cat, but the pets were never considered to be high priority when it came to life or death.

Nowendays the parents have more rights than children, and legally children do have legal protections to fulfill responsibilities. The worst offenders are the stereotypical “Karens”, the Gen-X age, born after 1965 to 1981. They were the ones “born in the wrong generation” and worshipped literal political actors like Ronald Regan and they are the biggest, loudest and angriest groups of people who have offsprings. They don’t believe in COVID, they think Qanon is real, they believe in anything it agrees to their personal, core beliefs.

The helicopter parenting is nothing of what Boomers> Millenials was a decade ago. These are people who advertise themselves as either “mama” or “papa bears”. These people are more like wild animals who insist anything outside their tribe is considered to be prey. They took their high school health class so litteraly, that they treat their kids like the egg on the spoon forcing the students to not drop it. Parents particularly GenX>Gen Z are probably overcompensating on the laziness of Boomers>Millennials. Yes for these thirtysomethings, many of these scumbags should’ve been sent to a local Planned Parenthood trashcan.

There is a many issues with GenX>GenZ. The Loudion County School Board in Virginia has been the epicenter of discourse with the alleged outcry of “critical race theory” being taught to children, and the outrage against books that are raunchy or offensive to the to the tolerance of the low tolerated mama or papa bear.

If you thought the Tea Party was bad, now this cancer is spreading to school boards and other municipal agencies. These mama or papa bears are not well spoken, not well knowledgable about the governance of school districts… and gawddangit they know what’s best for their kids over their own kids themselves!

There lies the problem, kids can’t have the right to be heard. They are programmed to be scene, and must follow in lockstep of the parent’s propaganda, and if you turn 18 and you don’t follow your parents’ marching order, then you are expected to pack up and never see your parents ever again because you turned against their back because my gawd if you had your own view of your world, that’s damned.

They used to say Millennials were soft and couldn’t tolerate criticism… well Gen X parents are the no-fault-of-their-own types, they have been victimized and they can barely survive. They are invincible and need their kids to prop them up to make them look good. Just look at the Petitios (I know so many hate the media coverage, and love to preach on the fact many are missing…) but Joseph Petitio keeps digging himself into a hole of being a chronic papa-bear, going to a media outlet down under saying a statement of “Gabby was my baby” and yet she was a barely a 22 year old woman.

Gen-Xers were the hip, rebels of the late 80s into the mid 90s, and yet this generation fell apart and this sometimes called “forgotten generation” because only 50 million are from said generation shares undertones of “the Forgotten American”, these are the same type of bastard children who broke into The Capital on 01-06. They are more loonier than when they were in the days of the dot-com economy.

These Karens may come off a selfless, and caring for others, but they aren’t caring for themselves. and they are improperly protecting their children to the extreme. The Gen-X Family structure is purism, traditionalism, expressing freedom over responsibility, that they know everything, and if you challenge them, they melt like a special snowflake. If they didn’t use Macs (like many Gen-Xers did the used PCs) they can barely use a smartphone and use Facebook as their way to surf the Web) they like to text over making a phone call,  because they “don’t have the time” and these people may be hard workers on paper, but they are unable to take stock on who they are, what they are doing to society, and what they are doing to their own children.