Have Children’s Responsibilities Been Taken Away by “Parental Rights”?


(Just that parents forget the latter.)

The American Parent should be the next institution that gets destroyed, rebuilt, to allow children to have the freedom to express responsibilities, that would imply children’s rights. Sadly, the popular opinion is children’s rights means give them an iPod touch at 4, a MacBook by age 7 and an iPhone at age 9. That’s what not children’s rights means nor should it mean.

“Parental rights” that gets uttered by TV-governors… is a weasel word for a parent-that’s-always-right and is never-wrong, and worse lacks responsibility or accountability. For a quintessential example just look at the school board meetings down south, specifically in Virginia… Critical Race Theory is being proposed and books of sexual explicit nature are in school libraries. The majority of the whiners, are the stereotypical “Karen” types (Gen X women… and sometimes men) under the age of 65 but older than 44 that are taking their theoretical freedoms as literal rights. Their anger echos talk radio and the channel with the search lights in their logo.

The arguments against CRT are unbased on fact,  and the anger c0ming from the Karens have everything violating their own personal world-view. From a rational POV, in democracy, shouldn’t kids learn something that challenges the parent’s world views? Since the pandemic, the number of parents with overprotective views have skyrocketed especially in appearances in the media (Trump fangirls or fanboys do not count.)

From an East Coast brat looking down, I do look down at them. I can’t believe that middle of America can be this clueless about their world is apparently all about them and it can’t be shared.

Is it also ironic that these same groups of people were laughing at a sadistic level of when those same barely legal adults were at a loss when Hillary Clinton lost in 2016? Can you verify with me… were they called “snowflakes”? Were they told to “suck it up buttercup”? Were they also called “whiners”? Are these generation of parents (remember they are Gen Xers mostly) looking down at Millennials?

Hypocrisy at best?