Facebook and the Crazy Political World

I’ve noticed on my friends who are conservative or liberal use or share content on the platform are radically different. I do not mean to trash right wingers, but the average Facebook user whose right of center are certainly not of those of The Lincoln Project, hell Joe Scarborough is fucking more rational than your standard crazy-aunt!

This lies to an issue that probably got accelerated in the Ronnie Regan years, and obviously George W. Bush, the idea that very rural people or people who grow up in the middle of nowhere basically stop growing and learning. Obviously Regan had very static views, and did more preaching. Bush, despite his combative agenda with the War on the Gulf; was not a combative person, and would not act like a high school bully the way Presidant Trump was his last term. Because I have been on this planet for a while, Bush supporters, were just that, because fanboys had not been used in the political sense, till Trump (and Bernie Sanders) campaigned in ’16.

Facebook (as well as Twitter, and even YouTube in live comments) is very dangerous to society when it comes to any type of elections. From my experience conservatives on Facebook…

  • Content that is shared lack credentials: I am not asking “where are your papers?”, in order to influence or inspire on a platform of which inspiration can be a positive… whether it’s some trivial content of some random Facebook page, of a name I don’t recognize who talks like the guy working on the railroad, will not motivate me… because how in the hell do I not know that dude is a Russian bot? I mean seriously! (I prefer to find a validated Facebook fan-page; with name-recognition or a user, if it’s a profile from someone friends-or-friends and below that. Also anyone who has credentials and a background to them is considered to be an “elitist”… which doesn’t need more explanation)
  • Conservatives are more long-winded than liberal leaning posts. Oh the days where liberals are long-winded are not popular right now. In fact the left-leaning people I know tend to be more on-point and well-written than say some right-winger. This ranges from memes, and just text-based status updates. The long winded is sometimes just simple carriage-returns because they are not smart enough to write a complete sentence, only to type dialogues…just the standard, three word sentence times 20. Their long winded posts, takes so long to read, that you could read a New Yorker article and get to the half way period by the time you figure out what the tight-right Facebook post meant.
  • Conservatives love memes: Build The Wall, I Stand For The flag, Congress should have term limits, etc. They love viral videos from other low lives like Dinseh D’Souza and Brietbart, specifically on debates. And they love spiffy attacks to “own the libs”
  • Conservatives lack the ability to critique liberals or other institutions, and never critique their own. Simply because they lack self-reflection
  • Conservatives Connect to Conquer and to create Chaos and yet the orderly and respect mindset of the wingnuts is what was described when Bushes were in office, Bill Clinton, and Regan. These people are the trailer trash wackjobs who can’t even learn to wear a fucking dress or a suit once and a while
  • They choose to stick to their high school education memory: This isn’t about college vs high school educated, many high school educated people who voted for say POTUS Trump, literally left their ability to learn at graduation or worse even before. It’s almost as if their mind was trapped and stuck in nostalgia instead. Not to mention the undertones of hazing unpopular politicians because they mask them as villans.
  • Conservatives HATE being informed: Any news content is the standard, rip and read content to get clicks, and they hate the MSM because getting news from people with philosophical minds must be evil people. Disinformation for them is powerful, stretching points of fact and making up narratives to conform to their world is apparently A-OK.
  • S&L Poli: They Know Nothing! You know a conservative when they never discuss state or local governmental issues. To them, they think all the action is in D.C., (yes liberals are known to do that, but that is less relevant now, only because they dialed up), remember conservatives treat politics literally like a Sox and Yankees matchup, they shout at their TV like as if they were at Fenway or Yankee Stadium, shouting at a hateful player. If you asked them their rep or senator or worse their city council member, they wouldn’t know because they don’t care, because in their world view, “the real politics is in D.C.” (emphasis added)
  • They talk very unoriginally. And lacking authenticity turns people off. They are talking what some other talking head is saying, of which comes from some political handler a few degrees down. So by the time it hits the Sheltered American in flyover country, it is so obvious it’s just a parrot mocking what the political handler is manipulating.

Now the liberals don’t use social media in the same way conservatives do. In fact these dinosaurs, were early adopters to social media, and despite the contrary, it was believed that the 2012 Presidential Election, was where social media clearly had played a significant role, despite claims that Facebook and Twitter got President Obama elected.

  • There is fifty shades of liberals on social media (if not more) Some liberals are on Facebook or others often, some are sharing rarely, some are populists, some are decent Democrats (just don’t say that to your crazy aunt!)
  •  They most often are not following Facebook Pages. Some just use Facebook to keep tabs on friends and family, while more distant people, with lousy social subnets are using Facebook’s Groups and Pages.
  • Some capture on memes, and some appear to not be literate at editorial  judgement. Like on the right, some are indiscriminately sharing content that is hard to trace. Imagine the screengrabs being screengrabbed, that got another screengrab, and those Tweets over a few years old, of which does the person who shared that on Facebook even know that meme was originally a Tweet?
  • The lefties love their Frames. These people are like sofas, they take a position on whoever last sat on them, in this case they love their three word political Facebook frames on their default pic.

I’m an issues guy, so I love to make fun of anyone who comes off as an ass.