A Telephone Number is NOT A URL!

A couple years ago, I had clashed with a crude and disrespectful DSP; who was there for a quick buck but should’ve worked in another field instead. The individual was significantly younger than me; and involved the really grey matter of what is considered to be a private, one on one conversation in a congregated group that isn’t strangers. I’ve had people say it’s wrong to abut into conversations in open environments, and some seeing what I saw.

The person I won’t identify avoided a local restaurant because the joint didn’t have an app to order on a smartphone, and actually left to go to another place that did. I said

“you couldn’t use your phone by calling?”

She responded (again a DSP, who should hold higher standards said in a crudely sarcastic matter”)

“I don’t need your sass”

While I was being generally light-hearted.

This was a primer to how things are really wacky amongst the youngins’. Today most millennials and Gen Z folks do not know how use a desk or wall mounted telephone. They don’t even know what a dial tone is. They most likely will freak out if they hear noise. They love their “smartphone” that does everything but telephony functions. They text, over doing a call. They want to be less connected by being connected in name only. Worse is how they write out phone numbers



Can I say how unprofessional most millennials and Gen Z (anyone born after 1983)? Not only that it’s tacky, unprofessional, looks like a clusterf–k and for most people, when reading serial numbers or random codes, most can read up to a block of 4 characters at a time. Especially reading off phone numbers.

I’ve even seen YouTubers put even toll free numbers as a URL. It’s not a URL for a vast majority of people (even if it’s technically such with the advancement of VOIP and SIP stacks)… but taking away the human perception is wrong!