The lack of real Autism Awareness

People probably wonder why I am so obsessed with autism awareness. Some may wonder why do I just grow out of it and learn to be typical? Why am I playing some “card”? Why do I act like a baby when things don’t go right? Why no one understands?

I’ll tell you the answer.

A vast majority doesn’t! 

It wasn’t until 2019 I really got a grasp. My entire paternal family had no personal exposure, one aunt was a proxy to a friend, but no one from within – from what I can tell. Not to mention that the two aunts had been to Japan to take care of my late great-paternal grandmother, and yet they didn’t see any kids with loose screws?

So there goes the theory of 1:50 people (is it “children” or adults too) as the CDC officially reports. Before the Coronavirus, the fear porn was that by 2030, 1 out of boys will develop autistic conditions, and yet said groups of anti-vaxxers were the first to call out COVID19 was fear mongering!

Let’s go back to when I was a kid in the 90s (or even a teenager in the mid 00s), if the CDC logic was so proper (1 in 1,000, 1 in 500 to 1 in 150 by 2005) the real-life stats would be:

  • At least one in every ten classmate of mine would have at least one or more direct family members with ASD
  • At least one and out say five Millenial aged people would be exposed to at least five people in their social subnet, knowingly they’re autistic
  • At least one and out three would’ve been exposed to some autistic in their social walks of life (acquaintances or familiar-faces)

For Gen-Z, the youngest generation, the numbers should be

  • A higher probability of classmates knowing classmates with ASD with them exposed to multiple family members with the condition
  • At least one out of three Gen-Z should’ve a larger social subnet of autistic individuals (the youngest end is entering high school)
  • At least one out of three would be exposed to autistics in the scores in their social walks of life (acquaintances or familiar-faces)

My condition became antiquated when the infamous merger of ASD and Asperger’s Syndrome occurred in the 2012 rewrite of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders version V… don’t call me an Aspie either, I don’t fit that mold!  Regardless of the over-diagnosis theories, and stuff like that – the current numbers from the CDC is not lining up to reality. I would go so far to say if 1:50 cases was so true, I wouldn’t had DSPs dumping on me, or other DSPs having revolving doors,  that my Londonderry, NH friends would have a tighter bond (but using my ol connections as a baseline to my foggy data… this lead me to that thinking, and seeing an entire family not knowing anyone in an intimate /family way.

So for all of you Aspies who like to offend the gays by stealing the rainbow, and play the victim of “I’m a person not a puzzle piece” (go Duck/Google the “Autism Awareness ribbon”) and for many of you who like to preach “acceptance”... if almost 100 million Americans clearly don’t get this, who still think it’s like catching the Coronavirus (which is so f*cked up) – this will be a very lonely lifetime in a world of people.

In short: There’s not even a shred of awareness that won’t get to “acceptance” until a century from now. This not even melodramatic.