The “Good”-Intended Parents with Bad Outcomes

The parents that tend to get good feedback are the ones who are being mislead.

Parents who have vulernabilities, will exploit them through their actions, that they’ll mask up and look innocent. Parents who do not have the ability to parent are often the ones who will mess up their offspring for life, if not caught and if not addressed.

Children shall not be a direct extension of you. The child is supposed to learn, not be taught. Learning and teaching are two different subjects. A child should be able to feel positive and negative feelings. A child should cry. A child should be able to express in the way that doesn’t harm people physically. A child may do something that’s unpopular to your core beliefs. Deal with it.

Parents, by the millions are lazy and emotionally incompetent. They want their kids to obey, they don’t want to handle uncertainty. They want their child to be certain. As the child grows up, they become an adult, then escalated to a hierarchal child. They at that point they need to stop being literally treated like a child.

The American family structure is broken and is overdue for a crude awakening.