The View on Non Linear Editing Systems, part four

The Future

Non Linear Editing is younger than me by a couple of years. The technology got confusing as editing got more democratized. I am not trying to sound snooty, but there are some major pitfalls that plagues content creators

  • The language is technical and vague
  • The vendors are not clear of compatibility
  • Obviously no final cuts are mastered onto video tape, and since the advent of File based workflows, it’s not been very clear. QuickTime by traditional file format has been apparently depcriated by Apple, but yet when I shoot a video on my iPhone it saves as a .mov file, but no one says it’s a so-called “wrapper” to queue up QuickTime by default, even if by reality it’s really an MP4 video. Or maybe I am mistaken?
  • When everything went to file based a decade ago, there was no linear equivalents like in Betacam for an example, a big Beta tape for master, and the small 30 minute for the field, or SP had better picture and SX was digital; likewise in S/VHS, you had EP to use more tape, at a lower quality, and SP, for best quality needed a lot of magnetic film.
  • PAL, SECAM and ATSC is all blurred in the world of digital
  • You have film and video at a head-on crash, with the casualties of electronic videographers, and filmmakers have taken over the digital world.

The future of edit suites?

If COVID 19 had done anything, it brought editors to edit at home now. Except for Avid’s solutions, a multi screen option is becoming less and less of an option, and I don’t like that. I think it’s great to have dual screens to split your workspace, but not in that complex fashion that is of Avid’s.

I also find the future content creators making more crap videos with 5 second cutaways (that when I was younger, I thought the signal on my TV as screwy)… this  because the kids aren’t being taught A/V. You wonder why the American Public School system sucks? They aren’t teaching A/V enough,

We should teach our children to Broadcast Themselves . Not in a tacky way, but put the highest quality possible in the content. There’s more to content than just “filming”. If Susan W. has tried to whitewash the ol Broadcast Yourself from YouTube, not everyone has forgotten.

A Return to a Virtual Tape Deck?

I would love to edit video from my camera, in the same fashion you sometimes see a P2 “laptop” deck. I’d love to assemble edit my stuff then fix it up on an NLE app.

I hope in the next few years post production can be more diverse and give the customers an option instead of the vendors treating “the end users” as “average”, meaning low level people, assuming they want simple stuff because the Avids and Adobes “have more than I ever need”. That sets an alarming trend away from the democratization of the NLEs in the first place 2 decades ago.