It can be both.

I have not mentioned a lot of the situation because the relationship was hush-hush to some, not so to others. Melanie had abruptly left me in January 2020, while we were still happy together. Anyways she had severed ties and did everything to uproot my digital life (and business!)

While the divorce was going to be mostly splitting digital assets, was going to be jettisoned with Clickford side, while I registered as a parking domain when event the divorce would be settled. At the same time in the winter, I had to create new YouTube accounts that Melanie would basically be taking control with my likeness.

It got thrown out in early March, and Melanie had to re-file for a divorce.

Then June 30th happened out of the blue. Melanie had not only ended her life, but legally she ended her divorce filing and end our relationship legally thru suicide.

With arrangement with the Clickford family, all they wanted out of the domain was the email hosting, they don’t care for the web. As a result, is a shorthand url to that connects a couple other sites together. By the way “Clickfo” was Melanie’s nickname and “me” is short for media, and I was not allowed to use “Clickford Media” after the divorce, the branding was supposed to be a domain name.

Well how quickly things change.