Windows 11 & macOS Monterey…

… I am in no business in wanting to use a workstation anymore.

Windows 11 is coming out soon, CNET reported today you could get the version – now! Whatever that means, a beta, pre Service Pack 2, etc. Last week, it was reported that Windows would discontinue support for Windows 10 in 2025. What does that mean, will that mean that I may get locked out of using Windows 10 past it’s End of Life?

Windows 11 is yet again another hot mess, of rebadging features and relocating things, of which in Windows 10, features within it’s lifecycle changed dramatically.

It’s unclear if the mandatory updates will disappear. Or that god-awful mandatory lock screen of the time of day that is so Orwellian.

Over at macOS, on the theme of Craig Federighi’s favorite California destinations, it’s where the late Gary Killdall called home, Monterey [Beach]. As much as I like iOS and iPadOS and the clustereff of separate but united systems, I do not, and fully do not think that having a Mac desktop acting like a touchless iPad is an intelligent “evolution”. Apple is not a “Pro” brand anymore, it’s just another English word masquerading as special brand.

There are parts where it’s perfectly good, like Messages, and FaceTime but changing the macOS interface to pander to the teeny-boppers of Gen Z is an insult to an on and off Mac user of 30 years. Apple is totally disrespecting their elders.

For anyone to compare this outrage from Classic Mac OS to Mac OS X is fooling themselves, leaving OS 9 to OS X was a major upgrade making the Mac indefinitely in par with a PC; in fact that was real progress on a technological sense. A computer that is simple as a toaster couldn’t fly in the age of security standards, etc. Those old farts that whined about the death of Classic Mac OS was clearly true pricks. the macOS today is more of a regressive move back to the days of Classic Mac OS and moving the Mac into an appliance.

Again, do I need to repeat the audience, that an operating system does not need to be released as a full new version every year on the 365th day after the “current release”? I get all the “security” nonsense, but things should be firewalled in the first place! This is invisible consumerism, with more disposing of cash for “new” things that don’t need to be replaced.

Excuse me while I upgrade (since “updating” is too simple for my workflow) to Sierra on the mini for the Fourth of July week, since High Sierra was a joke and not open to Mojave anytime soon.


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