Why Rural America is often Joked Upon

I have thought this a lot over the last few years, especially after the rise of the Tea Party and the party of Donald Trump to see why people are who they are emotionally, intellectually and worse politically, and the areas with less people tend to have these usual suspects. I find Rural America to be the rot to the decay of this country. I outline them below:

  • They lack emotional intelligence. You rarely hear about low EQ people in sub/urban areas, but I find that in rural America, people tend to make more emotional decisions, are subjected to misinformation because of their emotions, they can’t take reasonable criticism and on a completely different level, they put faces to business owners, and  have more attachment to business on an emotional level, which is never appropriate on the enterprise.
  • They are not “dumb” per se, they lack high volumes of information. Conservatives or people who live in the south or the rural America are not dumb. They appear to have rotten brains because their schooling was either subpar or they refused to apply any skills they learned in “skool”, as many rural Americans like to pronounce in the phonetic sense.  They choose to refuse to get new information. They lack information because they preach on the same gospel since they graduated high school. This may explain why they tend to say “this isn’t what I learned in school”. Likewise in sub/urban locales, thirtysomethings insist they have to go back to college to learn things, when it’s not the classroom where you learn the most stuff.
  • Politics is all D.C. (where all the fun is) Rural America is also the locale where politics and sports seems to be synonymous. In municipalities where there are town meeting governments, these people tend to be quiet and shy, but are very outspoken to close family members when it comes to national politics. It’s like the 1940s, there is a silent government (state and local) and a loud government (federal) the ones that they are most interested is the one that they think they can fight, the federal. At the same time, the sub/urban liberal types tend to focus on federal government/elections over state and local, or the main goal is to get to the federal level ASAP after doing their time for a term or two on the state and local.
  • They are very prejudicial to anyone that isn’t one of themIn smaller towns where tolerance is so low (this is very typical in any rural American town); so anyone whose from the next state over must be some bad person, because of the underlying tones that gets projected by the low information, and low emotionally intelligent people.