Why I am not in High Tech (Man-O-Festo)

An ongoing series called Man-O-Festo, basically inventorying my personal experience as an adult male in a man’s world. 

I’ve been kicked out of a numerous of male-centric Facebook groups as well as the over Web groups over the years. I’ve been blaintely kicked out of the TCI Facebook Group, a broadcast interest Facebook group, my reputation on a Reddit account was lowered because I had been lectured, and I had challenged the arrogant IT type, and I have gotten comments removed on Tek-Tips because I was “emotional on our technical forums”.

Let’s just get to the point why Men, and high tech, and why I got oppressed why I chose to get the fuck out

There’s a reason why I am not in the technology field. In the I.T. world, it’s a very abusive environment, very narrow-minded or (allaboutism/speciality/single-vendor approach, instead of a holistic/inclusive/multi branded approach) that could extend to life and an individual like me. It’s ironic that people who are sysadmins are mostly male, and their wives work in special ed, of which resemble a lot of the attitude of sysadmins and SPED professionals. I can attest this in some way earlier in my life growing up across the river. I decided long ago, why would I want to be in a career if it resembled school in such toxicity?