The Man-O-Festo (The Post on Why Men Have Ruined Themselves)

Since the 2016 Election, there is a growth of extreme cringy-fringy YouTubers defending chauvinistic ideas to the point you wonder why things happened say January 6th?

To put it in the simplistic sense, I strongly believe if you want equality and fairness women need to accept

  • They need to control their hormones better so men can have some level of emotional expectations (likewise men need to stop acting like a bunch of horny ol men)
  • They need to define themselves, of who they are, and what they should be looking for. The way girls are being positioned to be bullies to guys; and for them they become prey and they go into a rescue-instinct

Men on the other hand (speaking as one) really needs to get their act together as well. They need to throw away two personality and behavior types

  • Aggressive (that is extremely pushy, to the point of bullying, threatening and worse gaslighting)
  • Abusive (completely disrespecting anyone, treating individuals like they are third-rate objects)
  • … and being an asshole, or a dick, or jackass, whatever. Don’t be foolish, don’t play innocent, and don’t be combative! 

Change your attitudes unless you want to be defined as…

  • Deflective (passing-the-buck, deferring to others, or authoritative figures, not owning it)
  • Defensive (that your shit-doesn’t-smell and acting all innocent)
  • Defiant (that your beliefs are all settled, no discussion, that your defensive mechanisms have escalated, and your deflective nature needs to be enhanced to look like a Triple-A behavior)

The Triple-D Demeanor and Triple-A Behavior are what creates Toxic Masculinity. Useful idiots like Jordan Peterson (who to me seems to be pretty gay to begin with) and his followers have caused this issue to accelerate, while Presidant Trump has gotten away with thousands of lies, violated governance laws, and did illegal things for The Trump Organization and while being the sitting president in The White House.  The projection of his narcissism, the authoritative approach to cult of personality, and the us-vs-them demogogary actually has degraded not just democracy, but anyone who would say US is known for being a democratic-republic country, would even degrade the boldface part of our governance.

With the rise of alternative media, sugarcoating critical information as false, and replacing it with gospel in the political sense, what was not appropriate for even an owner of a small business, was legitimized with POTUS Trump’s Triple D and Triple A temperament.

The reason why Americans should avoid hard-right conservative “principals” and “personal-core-beliefs” instead of agreeing on a set of facts, will be a lot worse than if men are soy-boys or “drag-queens” lurking in public schools. Many of these content creators have their priorities backwards, and the worse is they are women!